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    Losing Pen and Touch at the Same Time

    This is crazy! I am in the middle of sketching and all of a sudden my Surface 3 loses Pen and Touch input. I've had four different tablet PCs and I have never had the problems with them that I have with the Surface 3. Of course all of them had the limited connection wifi issue once in a while...
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    Surface 3 loses touch response intermittenly

    I don't know how to explain this well, but my Surface 3 loses touch sometimes. Last night, while using my Surface 3, touch totally stopped responding. I'd hard re-boot, and a few minutes later, it would do it again. It happened like 5 times. I thought it could be Flash (*ducks) that I installed...
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    Reading List App Broken...By Microsoft

    It seems Microsoft is trying hard to distance themselves from everything connected to Windows 8. For example, although the OS is but three years old: 1. No Edge Browser 2. No Microsoft Office Mobile apps 3. No Cortana 4. Apps written for Windows 10 are incompatible with Windows 8. I can deal...

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