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  1. rabilancia

    Type Cover 2 doesn't work after reattaching to Surface 3

    I use an original Type Cover (Type Cover I without back light) with my Surface 3 running Windows 10 and do not have your problem. I just tried my Surface Pro 3 Type Cover (with back light) with my Surface 3 and likewise do not have your problem. While neither is your exact configuration, I...
  2. rabilancia

    Office365 Personal: how to best enable a 2nd free subscription?

    I have been a happy Office 365 Personal user for nearly 6 months when I got a 12 month subscription included with the PC that I then purchased. I have since purchased a Surface 3 tablet that also came with a separate 12 month subscription. I'd like to activate the second subscription (with...
  3. rabilancia

    Any Powerbanks for use with SP3?

    Or this:
  4. rabilancia

    Using the Pro 3 to scan documents.

    Since I have an Eye-Fi device (even though I'm not using it with my current setup) I've got this working with my Android (Galaxy Note 4) and my SP3. I have installed the Android Eye-Fi app on my Note 4 and Eye-Fi Center on my SP3. Whenever I take a picture with my phone (as long as my phone &...
  5. rabilancia

    Using the Pro 3 to scan documents.

    Barb's trick got me thinking... Several years ago, Microsoft Research had a project to use early generation Windows Phone devices to take close-up pictures. They sent out free devices (like the one in the first attached picture) to those of us that requested them. I still have mine. Once I...
  6. rabilancia

    Original Tablet Input Panel

    I too miss that feature AND would also like the desktop IE to call the keyboard.
  7. rabilancia

    I need a UK/EU power cord spare part, where to find?

    FWIW, I got the "Europe" cable here:
  8. rabilancia

    External Battery Pack Option

    i own and use the intocircuit 26000 battery. it gives me about two full extra charges on my SP1. now if i could just find the appropriate power cable for my SP3!
  9. rabilancia

    New update still no Ad Hoc

    A couple of years ago I had an HP TouchSmart laptop that had nothing but problems with its internal WiFi adapter. I purchased and started using a separate USB WiFi adapter. I simply disabled the internal adapter and never looked back. FWIW, here's the device I used...
  10. rabilancia

    Something really annoying

    I too occasionally have had this problem. Reboot does fix it.
  11. rabilancia

    Any way to keep icons in place after rotation?

    I use an app called "DeskSave" from
  12. rabilancia

    Windows Journal

    Journal's simplicity really captivated me in 2002--so much so, I resisted converting to OneNote for a very long time even though I had OneNote installed on my TabletPC.
  13. rabilancia

    Stylus magnetically attaches to right side!

    I accidentally just stumbled upon this. I had no idea! My apologies in advance if any of you already knew this.
  14. rabilancia

    SP3 Dock vs Plugable UD-3900

    Forgive me in advance (I'm a "bean counter") but here's my financial justification for the dock at $199.99: I don't need to separately purchase an extra power supply for $79.99 I get the wired Ethernet port without spending $39.99 for the adapter I get the extra USB ports without spending...
  15. rabilancia

    The Mouse I Always Have With Me - Under 2 Dollars - iPhone As My Mouse for Surface

    How about "Mouse without borders?" Download Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders from Official Microsoft Download Center coupled with the Windows Phone app: Mouse Without Borders | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States) Not only can I control my Surface Pro from my Windows...
  16. rabilancia

    Where is new Windows?

    Check here: Windows 8.1 Update Coming Tomorrow: Why You Must Update
  17. rabilancia


    Here's another option: Tronsmart T1000 Mirror2TV Wireless Display HDMI Dongle Support Miracast DLNA EZCAST AirPlay Compatible with Android OS / Apple iOS / Samsung AllShare Cast S3 S4 Note2 Note3 Note10.1 / Google Nexus4 Nexus5 Nexus7 / Amazon Kindle Fire HDX /
  18. rabilancia

    Outlook ToDo app with Live tile

    Yes, that's true. However, Bulls96's original question was regarding "TASKS." I too am seeking a "live tile" solution for tasks.
  19. rabilancia

    SkyDrive Offline

    Looks like you can only move it to the microSD if the microSD has been formatted NTFS. Bummer.
  20. rabilancia

    Need an MPEG 2 streaming solution for Windows Surface RT

    I own and regularly use a SiliconDust HD HomeRun Prime network tuner on my home network. Since the device is DLNA certified, all I need to do to watch TV on my Windows 8.1 Pro PC is to click on a link for the channel stream (MPEG 2) that I want watch. This works flawlessly on my 64 bit...