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    Anyone got the new Win 10 update on (creators) - how does it run?

    I updated my S3 128GB to Creator's Update. I didn't seek it out, but I got sent an update notice. Everything seemed fine. However, now that I am almost finished with my Master Thesis, I decided to do some sketching in Sketchbook Book Pro. The pen can no longer draw circles and contact is very...
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    My surface 3 overheated and died

    You dodged a bullet my friend. That is the benefit of buying from brick-and-motor. Save the money and get the next great tablet.
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    Had my Surface Book stolen yesterday.

    Values, man, values..kid needs to be taught some morals. It's sad, but I think if you put 10 teens in that same situation at least one would swipe Surface Book. I'm glad you got your money back. Hopefully your new Surface Book is better than the last.
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    Dude, please step away. Take a deep breath. Spend some time with family. We like to be happy here. Don’t be the kid who drops out of junior high school because he hates it, but then comes back at recess every day to tell other kids how much he hates school. Anyway, in regards to my comments...
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    Solved Wifi Not Working... No updates, nothing new

    Yeah. Microsoft needs to drop Marvell (the wifi chip maker) and get someone else, anyone else. My Surface 3 has similar problems.
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    I understand the sentiment.
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    Okay, I got my Surface and have a couple of questions

    The crazy thing for me is, I bought my Surface 3 LTE on contract. A two months later, Microsoft ships me a box containing had plastic bag with the Surface label on it. I open it, and I find encased in bubble wrap, a hard plastic screen protector for my S3! Until then, I was using a cheap film...
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    Firmware updates slowly being rolled out???

    I put my old Windows 8.1 S3 WiFi driver back a week or so ago and things were working much better, then on Thursday I got a 9/18/2015 Firmware Update (I have the S3 LTE Model) and like I'm back to a Win 10 driver that gives me "limited" WiFi connection again! Sigh...
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    Losing Pen and Touch at the Same Time

    Windows 10 but the same problem existed under Windows 8.1. This is my third Surface. Only my first one didn't have this issue. I'm tired of sending it back.
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    Losing Pen and Touch at the Same Time

    This is crazy! I am in the middle of sketching and all of a sudden my Surface 3 loses Pen and Touch input. I've had four different tablet PCs and I have never had the problems with them that I have with the Surface 3. Of course all of them had the limited connection wifi issue once in a while...
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    Crashing Mail and Calendar Apps

    I have the exact same problem with the mail app, not the calendar. The mail app is terrible. It is slow to update. Downloading attachments is slow. In regards to the problem, only a reboot fixes it for me.
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    Things I Like & Dislike about the Surface 3

    I love many things about the S3. LIKE: 1) Screen is awesome 2) Outstanding Build Quality 3) Type Cover is Fantastic 4) Pen is really good. 5) Long battery life 6) Ability to connect to any device 7) Lightweight DISLIKE: 1) Sometimes it loses touch input. I have to reboot 2) Sometimes it won't...
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    Surface 3 docking station

    I'm thinking of getting the docking station. But maybe a better (cheaper solution is available). If you have the Docking Station, can you confirm how it charges, either through the Display Port or the USB 3.0 port? If it is the USB 3.0 port, then maybe I can buy a 3rd Party dock that and charge...
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    Power on button very sensitive

    My Surface 3 is finicky. If I shut down, touching the power button won't restart it. It only wakes up from sleep/hibernation. When powered off, I need to hold it, sometimes 3 seconds, sometimes 10.
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    Surface 3 locking up problem

    Smokes! I've had my Surface 3 lock up, Pen and Touch are unresponsive but keyboard and mouse work. I noticed my Surface 3 performs better after turning off TPM and device encryption, something you may not be able to as an IT guy responsible for company data. Still, when I looked into the event...
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    Hello Friends!! I'm Back...

    Never had an RT since it didn't support pen input, but I'm glad you are loving your S3 on Win10!
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    Can I Voice Type?

    It is kind of sad that in 2015, when Android and iOS allow you to voice type (dictate) into almost every text box or text editor, without training or hassle, Microsoft is still using the old Speech Recognition software from Windows Vista. Cortana should a dictation engine. One thing I use my...
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    Who is using Windows 10 on Surface 3?

    I upgraded once on 2nd Surface 3, but once it failed and I RMA'd it, the replacement came with Windows 8.1. However I ran into lots of difficulties connecting my Surface 3 to projectors under Windows 8.1, it would lose connection the projector (Display Port to VGA adapter) for no reason at all...
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    Surface 3 loses touch response intermittenly

    I don't know how to explain this well, but my Surface 3 loses touch sometimes. Last night, while using my Surface 3, touch totally stopped responding. I'd hard re-boot, and a few minutes later, it would do it again. It happened like 5 times. I thought it could be Flash (*ducks) that I installed...
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    Call Surface Support for replacement pen

    Surface support is great. I had a chat session with them about my pen issues, they sent me a new one the next day!