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    Argh Got a small ding on my SB2 Tablet side

    I'm attaching a pic of the lid on my surface, where if you look at the edge, you can see the seam where the Skinomi stops and the bare magnesium shows. The clear Skinomi I have makes my entire SB2 slightly glossy, but really isn't noticeable. Hope this helps.
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    Argh Got a small ding on my SB2 Tablet side

    Skinomi (check amazon) makes a clear film that covers every metal piece on the surface book 2. This protection goes along the edges, the metal top (aside from the keys), lid and base. It's a little tricky to apply, but it's held up on mine perfectly and doesn't seem to have yellowed at all.
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    Must-have SB2 acessories?

    For those with the Surface Book 2 with a usb-c port, Amazon is running a great deal on the Mophie Powerstation XXL usb-c at $90MM vs. retail at $150. Mophie's website also appears to be running a sale, but it's still higher priced than Amazon. I got mine yesterday, and it does charge my...
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    Is Docking Station ruining the battery ?

    Usually, batteries are rated by charge cycles (100% charged to 0% charge) and warranties specify how many cycles a battery can run through before degrading to 80% of rated capacity. Going from 99% to 100% isn't considered a full cycle, so I don't think it makes much difference if a charger lets...
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    Hard Shell Case for Surface Pro 3

    That looks great. For those paranoid, I would note that it doesn't appear to cover the stand.
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    LTE- How many will go to SP4 for LTE it is offered?

    As others have said, it makes so much more sense to tether a phone vs. pay another connection charge. Also, I wouldn't be so comfortable with the notion of grandfathered unlimited data. The phone companies are under zero obligation to roll over these plans. For now, they have chosen to do so...
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    Onenote 2010 screenshots to Desktop version ??

    That's strange. When I change the setting for the pen's top button in the surface app to OneNote desktop, double clicking pastes into the desktop app. I'm not sure why yours doesn't work that way.
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    Onedrive too slow

    Ironically, I use Google Chome which can upload 1000 files at a time to Onedrive. Internet Explorer has a much lower limit (forget what it is off the top of my head). I don't like file explorer because it seems to makes the slow upload process even slower.
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    Installed an ArmorSuit on my Pro 3.

    I noticed that I am starting to get a lot of scratches on the metal surface of my Pro 3, despite me placing the tablet into a sleeve when traveling. I have an ArmorSuit covering for my phone, which I found easy to install due to the wet vs. dry application. For those not familiar, a wet...
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    Onedrive too slow

    Ah, that's a relief. I want to use Onedrive as a secondary backup for all my uncompressed RAW photo files and lossless music collection, which would have been difficult with a 20K cap. Thanks.
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    Onedrive too slow

    Wow, this is news to me, I didn't realize Onedrive had a 20K file count cap. Clearly, this isn't unlimited storage. Now, I'm starting to wonder if Onedrive intentionally has a slow upload engine to minimize use.
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    Onedrive too slow

    I've noticed that it's extremely slow compared to other systems. For instance, I have a smugmug account for pictures. Uploading JPEGs to smugmug is significantly faster than uploading to onedrive.
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    Surface Pro 3 Third party power adapters from china/hong kong safe?

    Isn't the stability of the voltage important? For instance a bad power supply rated at 12V may not output a stable 12V which could create problems in the power (watts) going into the device not precisely matching what the device actually wants. A cheap Chinese power supply that hasn't had...
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    Keyboard cleaner?

    I use Zeiss screen wipes or a wet microfiber cloth on the screen and keyboard. The Zeiss wipes are sold in places like Walmart and Amazon and work well as they don't release any lint onto the surfaces. Microfiber rags are sold everywhere, but I prefer the type with a nap versus the smooth ones...
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    Lapability greatly improved vs laptop

    It's definitely is lapable. The two drawbacks versus a laptop is that you have to go through two motions (open hinge and then flip open the device) vs. one (open the screen) and it just takes more space on your legs because of the kickstand. It works, but I think a laptop still works better on...
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    SP3 (i7/512) coming in ~12hrs, any advice/need-to-knows?

    Don't put the pen in the pen loop and throw your device in a bag. The pen put a little ding on the side of my device, probably from rubbing against it. Since then, I separate the two when I'm carrying my device in my briefcase on a trip.
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    Youtube Video Playback Issue

    WebM VP9 is an open source codec from Google. AVC is an older format with less compression. I think this is why the stream looks better in Chrome.
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    Youtube Video Playback Issue

    I'm not sure your ISP has the capability to selectively throttle when you use IE vs. Chrome, and I can't see why they would care what browser you use. It would be interesting to see the bandwidth you get using Chrome to access YouTube. If it's higher, it raises some interesting questions about...
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    Youtube Video Playback Issue

    Do you have tracking protection enabled in IE? If so, temporarily turn it off (usually via clicking a blue circle with a slash through it in the address bar), and see if that fixes it. I've noticed that some websites don't load video until you turn off tracking protection. I can only imagine...
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    OneNote Assistance please

    You can just select file and then export in the desktop application. It has various options such as saving to a Microsoft Word file, Adobe PDF, etc.

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