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    connected standby battery drain

    I'd say classic microsoft. Closed the lid on my surface laptop 3 and unplugged it with 94% battery. Next day it only had 45%. Any ideas?
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    Solved VPN problems

    I have two Surface Pro 4 devices and on one I suddenly I cannot connect to my VPN server, but the other is working ok. I tried uninstalling network adapter, uninstalling all WAN miniports, deleting VPN connection and creating it again, but I am still getting this error: And this is from the...
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    Solved After three years, office still has blurry fonts on SP in certain situations

    This problem started with SP3 and continued on SP4. Even if there was new office released (2016), the problem is still here. My setup: SP4, dock and external full HD screen. If I boot the surface on external screen everything is ok, but when I disconnect the screen, office gets blurry on SP4...
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    Brightness very high after resuming from sleep

    I always have brightness setting on "suggested" but very often, when I resume the device from sleep in a darker enviroment, the display is too bright and I have to manually adjust it to "darkest" or "darker". Does anybody else have same problems? Is there a solution?
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    NEW: *.mkv support in xbox video!

    Great news: todays update of xbox video app on win 8.1 (x86 and arm) includes *.mkv support, finally! Tried few videos, all working ok. I just can't figure out how to add subtitles:)
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    Is There a Way to Disable Part of Touch Screen?

    My surface has a crack in a glass in upper right corner and a small bit of touch screen doesn't work. But that's not that important, I can live without touching that corner. Real problem is, that on that crack i am getting ghost touches (it looks like an invisible finger touching the screen)...