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    Solved Windows Mail client not opening with Win 10

    Is anyone else having problems using Windows Mail client with Win 10 preview? For the last couple days, I haven't been able to open the Windows mail client. When I open it, it starts then immediately minimizes to the task bar. Once that happens, I can't open it at all. Each time I try to...
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    Road Trip with SP3 i7

    I just got back from a 3 day trip. As I have in the past with the SPro 1/2, I only took my SP3 i7 and HTC 8x. My trip was 3 days of intense training on new product features. It was from 830am to 430-5pm for the first two days then half day today. There was about 50 people in attendance. The...
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    What's your SP3 meeting kit look like?

    I'm always looking for ways to make my time at meetings and coffee shops more efficient. I don't want to have to carry a shoulder or backpack into every single meeting. Oft times I just want to grab a smaller case out of my shoulder bag and go. I've found that the Platinum sleeve from BestBuy...
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    This forum can sometimes turn into a hate Surface and MS rant. I've been on this forum through the SPro, then SPro2, and now SP3. With each release, naysayers have always come out in force. You'd be surprised at how many issues, imaginary or not, have been posted in this forum. Crappy device...
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    Power Cover battery life

    I bought the Power Cover a few weeks ago. I've had mixed results with battery life. I seemed to me that it was draining faster than usual. I wasn't sure that I would keep it or not since it was $200 and it seemed like I was just getting 1.5-2 hours. I'm on a business trip where I'm in a...
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    I love sitting next to folks with iPads.

    I flew from Salt Lake City to Chicago today and sat next to a person using an iPad. I don't know about all the rest of you, but I love sitting next to folks with iPads. From the start, it was almost a contest to see whose device was better. It always turns into a 'gee, I which I had your...
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    A Surface Pro and a Surface?

    Anyone out there have both the Surface Pro and a Surface? With the Surface on sale for $199, I'm tempted to get one. But why would I? Anyone have both and, if so, why?
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    SPro Accessories

    Here are my quick thoughts on the Pro accessories after a using the a few days. New Arc mouse - Just ok. I like that it is flat so I stores well in my bag. When it is flat, it automatically turns off. When you fold it down (or curve it) then it turns on. It is much better than the wedge...
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    Awesome MS Store experience

    I've had problems with my Type keyboard recently. At random times, some keys would not be recognized when typing. This was very annoying as I couldn't log in and had to use the onscreen keyboard. Pulling the Type keyboard off and on would work sometimes. Rebooting also fixed it sometimes...
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    New Update Verizon HTC 8x - Apr 29

    Anyone else receive a new update today? I have it downloading now - 3MB. Not sure what is on it.

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