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  1. Telstar1948

    Disappearing Cursor

    Since some mystical update in the past...most of the time when I power up my S3 now, the cursor is missing in action. If I unsnap the keyboard and snap it back on, the cursor is there with no further problems. This happens maybe 80% or 90% of the time after powering up my S3 from its off state...
  2. Telstar1948

    McAfee or Trend Micro?

    General question - of which, I'm sure there are differing opinions: I have complimentary subscriptions to both McAfee and Trend Micro virus protection for my S3. If this was for my desktop or some other beast of a machine, I wouldn't be concerned as I am with the S3. Your opinions then: do you...
  3. Telstar1948

    Full Circle

    Strange how things go around and come around... Some time ago I had a desktop for my office. Then the SP3 came out. I absolutely believed that if I could just put everything onto my SP3 (one device), all would be well. So I did that, SP3, dock etc, and all my stuff. Worked great (except for...
  4. Telstar1948

    Price Drop at MS & Best Buy

    Around Wednesday or Thursday Microsoft dropped their base S3 price from $499 to $399. If you select it to purchase, you're then offered the type cover for $79+. The following day Best Buy put the same price on their site too (don't know about the type cover because I haven't checked that out...
  5. Telstar1948

    Stability and Reliability

    Well, I had my first BSOD after the latest updates. I changed my sleep setting back when so my Surface Book would go into hibernation faster to save on battery drain. Last night it was on with the lid closed for quite a while. Opened the lid to a black screen (hibernation) so tapped the power...
  6. Telstar1948

    Solved SP3 MS Complete Care Issue

    I bought my SP3 on September 4th 2014 from Best Buy locally. Bought MS Complete Care for it through the online MS store on September 7th 2014. In April 2015 the SP3 died - most likely cause was a bricked SSD. Anyway, discussed with MS and they exchanged it. Been using the replacement until I got...
  7. Telstar1948

    Solved A Real Head Scratcher - No Sound

    My Surface Book is the i5/8/256/dGPU model. I've had maybe 6 DD's in the last 2 weeks and no BSOD or other weirdness...BUT... I've downloaded a few older games from Steam and they start and run very well on my SB. I have the new Surface Dock and my Samsung S32D850T 32" monitor is attached...
  8. Telstar1948

    mDP to DP cable

    I've been searching for a mDP to DP cable (1.2) to my monitor from my Surface Book. I'm no expert in this, but I've found an issue that is probably related to the DP cable that came with my monitor. It's DP at both ends so I have an adapter to run it down to mDP. Anyone have a link for a...
  9. Telstar1948

    Windows Update Stuck

    My Windows Update has been stuck for several days. It's showing updates from a few days ago that are there to be downloaded, but it shows 0%. This is apparently blocking any other updates (such as the one today) from attempting to download. Anyone know a quick fix to reset Windows Update?
  10. Telstar1948

    i7 vs. i5 Looking at both

    Has anyone heard anything about the i7 running hotter, throttling etc than the i5? I'm assuming the i7 will handle more and has a better integrated GPU than the i5. I'm looking at both (8/256) for a possible purchase. Aside from the $200 difference, what do you folks think regarding the i7...
  11. Telstar1948

    Is It My Imagination, or Has Latest Win10 Update Reduced Heat & Fan Running Somewhat?

    I've noticed after a Win10 update the other day that my fan isn't running as much nor is my SP3 case as warm or as often as it was. Anyone else notice this?
  12. Telstar1948

    Anyone Finding Some Games Not Playing Under Win10 That Did In 8.1?

    Trying to figure out some games that are compatible with the HD 4000 and Win10 seems to be complicated. Anyone notice issues or have suggestions besides just buying a game and trying it (like Russian Roulette)?
  13. Telstar1948

    Solved That Software Won't Work on a Surface Pro!??

    When I got my SP3, I had an Epson GT-1500 scanner with my old desktop. I hooked it up to my SP3, downloaded the latest software for it, and it's been working just fine ever since. The other day I decided to move all my stuff out of a basement office into a nicer office on the main floor of our...
  14. Telstar1948

    OneDrive - Hoodoo or Voodoo?

    After exchanging my SP3 the other day I got everything shipshape on it afterward. Couple of days later I looked in some work files that were on OneDrive (on my computer too). A day later I looked at one or two of those files and...the file folders were there, but the content had vanished! I have...
  15. Telstar1948

    Microsoft Support Comes Through!

    As some may know, my SP3 started freezing and then would be alright after booting back up (up to this point, I'd had no issues with it). Finally, though, it wouldn't boot to Windows. Went online to MS support and asked that they call me about my SP3. They did (several times before I was done)...
  16. Telstar1948

    I've bit the big one...!

    Welp, for me anyway...after reading Surface Pro forums for 2 years, making a few comments during that time, and generally feeling like the guy on the outside looking in (with my nose up against the window glass)...despite my other 8.1 devices...I'm typing this on my Asus T100 (soon to be put up...
  17. Telstar1948

    Nokia Windows RT tablet

    Interesting blurb~ Nokia to unveil Windows RT tablet next month, says report | Mobile - CNET News
  18. Telstar1948

    Surface Pro (Haswell) News?

    Ran across these last night: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 likely coming front and backside Fingerprint Sensor Tech | The News Tribe Microsoft Surface Pro 2 coming in early 2014? | The News Tribe Have no idea is the information is a mix of wishing/hoping and a few facts, or just rumor served...

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