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    Downloading Error

    I have an original RT that I love and have used since day one. All updates have been installed. It has a 64Gb micro SD which all media is download to and stored on. About six months ago I stopped being able to download videos from the Xbox video store. I get the following error, every time now...
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    XBox music sign in renders Surface useless for travel music listening

    I have been traveling a month with very limited WiFi access and the WiFi access I have has not let me sign into Xbox music services. What I have found is that I can no longer play music on my Surface. This is very disappointing as that is one of its primary purposes. Yes the music is on the...
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    Amazon Instant Video Downloads, Can We Watch Them Yet?

    Thanks for the feedback. I was referring to viewing offline. as you may on a pc.
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    Amazon Instant Video Downloads, Can We Watch Them Yet?

    Can I watch my Amazon instant videos yet on my Surface RT? Downloaded offline videos?
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    Did You Know That Hiding Under Kickstand of RT is a MicroSD Card Reader?

    Same, but wish I had purchased the 64GB model. I love the expandability, however, now would have preferred the native memory.
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    I find it very funny that in the 90's and early 00's we strove for the best picture on the best TV's. We went from CD's to DVD's to Blue Ray for a better picture on our Plasma and DLNA and Advanced LED televisions. Now in the 10's we settle for horrible compression through cable and streamed and...
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    Nearly a year in and still a huge hole in the Surface armor!

    Podcaster Podcasts! Is nice, but not great. I am a paid user of both the Surface and Windows Phone (Lumia) variants. Podcasts! Is the best yet, however, it has so many holes it is hardly robust. One of my largest gripes is that it needs to sync wireless or over the air before it allows you to...
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    Nearly a year in and still a huge hole in the Surface armor!

    Ok, so one year in and I love my Surface RT. No real regrets and the computer is better than I had anticipated. I don't like the fact that there is no functioning USB to Ethernet adapter, however, my number one issue is a non problem that Microsoft solved years ago and then abandoned with the...
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    uh oh, finally have a critical flaw with my RT...

    Those are great ideas for US travel or even established world travel, however, my issue in Afg will be spectrum control and they certainly will not allow me to add to the spectrum. I'd actually be interested in learning what the ramifications are of broadcasting different bands in Europe for...
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    uh oh, finally have a critical flaw with my RT...

    I love my RT. I travel a lot and the tablet I bought on day one has steadily replaced my laptop. I have not pulled my laptop out of its case in months. That is all set to change. I travel to Afghanistan very shortly. Internet is only available via wired Ethernet. I went to the Microsoft Store to...
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    Surface with Bose AE2W Bluetooth Headset?

    I have used my Surface since I purchased it with my Bose QC 2 and now Quiet Comfort 15 with no problems. I just saw the AE2W's there the other day and thought 'finally'. You are right, now I just need the Noise Cancelling phones to be offered with BT and I will be set. I am torn about buying the...
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    Music and Video apps updated Sunday May 19

    I may be late to the party here but my Music and Video apps updated this am. Still no sign of native podcast player in this update. I actually have not noticed any significant changes yet. I was excited and looking for the podcaster finally. Anybody know what was really updated?
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    Windows Phone - Worth Another Try?

    The Lumina 920 is simply a more capable phone than the IPhone 5. I use a Lumina and my 16yo uses an IPhone so I get lots of hand on time with both. Right now there is no reason NOT to switch to WP8 EXCEPT for the app store. If there is an app that you really cannot live without, make sure that...
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    Surface with Bose AE2W Bluetooth Headset?

    I was considering purchasing this Bluetooth headset, Bose | AE2w Bluetooth® headphones | Wireless Headphones | Audio and Mobile Headphones While at the store I asked to test on my Surface RT and in the 15 minutes I fiddled, I could get them to pair, but I could not get any audio through the...
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    Heat shutdown on RT

    Arnold I was going to ask you about your experience with heat. I get to your neck of the woods a few times a year generally and I know that your springs are significantly warmer than ours in DC. So I am comforted that you have seen this behavior.
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    Heat shutdown on RT

    We finally have some spring weather in DC this week and I got my Surface RT outside for the first time really since purchasing it last fall. Anyway, after a half an hour of use in the sun, the RT beeped, the screen went black and then a white stylized thermometer appeared for a few seconds...
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    I travel a great deal. If I used three hours of tethering and that knocked my phone battery down to less than 8 hours of use, I could not make that sacrifice. I do feel that tethering is a better idea than embedded 3G in our RT's. Travelers get good at scoping out power outlets while traveling...
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    Xbox music update is solid

    Still kills me that Xbox music does not include a full fledged podcaster. I like the improvements thus far, but we are still not there yet.

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