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    Clorox / Lysol wipes bad for your screens?

    a) adding water to isopropanol certainly will improve the effectiveness of the cleaning. Pure Isoprop will leave streaks, probably some insoluble salts, fatty acids left from the grease that is on there. Together with water it's much better and also reduces the problem of possibly dissolving out...
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    Clorox / Lysol wipes bad for your screens?

    sorry, chemist in me can't let this just sit there. Isopropanol is a moderate to mild solvent.
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    Customise Surface pro Pen's button

    I was looking for this myself for a while with no luck. Would be great to emulate the Surface Pro 3 behavior and launch Onenote with a note.
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    SurfacePro + Power Cover = FRUSTRATION!!! :(

    if you go to the MS Surface support forum you'll find a number of folks who had problems with the power cover, including myself. It would not charge as advertised. Only after I got a replacement it worked fine and has been since. Seems there is a higher volume of non-working power covers out...
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    Clorox / Lysol wipes bad for your screens?

    wanted to chime in here to those who put alcohol on their list of things that shouldn't be put onto a phone. Rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) and even ethanol are perfectly fine and do not affect the coating when mixed 1/1 with water. Any of the "special" sprays you buy that claim to be screen...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    benjitek, would you happen to know if there is a version that works with the Power Cover? Last time I checked that was not an option or possible because of the thickness (almost twice as thick as regular type cover). thanks edit: I just emailed and hope to receive a reply soon.
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    Power Cover Functionality?

    I have the SPro and the power cover. I do not have the problem you got. Doesn't matter whether I take it off, put it on, the Windows and the volume buttons still function normal. I am sure you got this covered, but write this anyway. Make sure you have the latest updates installed (e.g. Surface...
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    Quick Surface Power Cover Review

    Thanks for checking. I am still trying to find what triggers it. It's only in desktop mode and I may have to press the mouse pad button before I can trigger it, it seems. But definitely there. I contacted MS in the forum. Somebody is trying to help finding the issue. Maybe mine is simply...
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    Quick Surface Power Cover Review

    It does fit into the Nixon, even with a bunch of stuff in the side pocket. I was afraid it wouldn't fit first when I looked at the thickness.
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    Quick Surface Power Cover Review

    yeah, it's fairly heavy but as hh83917 stated, the typing on it really feels nice even on my lap. The first listing on MS website listed weights similar to the type cover 2, which really couldn't be with the addition of a solid battery within. Too bad 3D light weight batteries are still a couple...
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    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    invested in Surface Pro a few months ago and used the same skin that I had on the RT.
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    Surface Power Cover Release Date??????

    no, they are not. just got my shipping confirmation. should be here in three days.
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    Bluetooth Tethering with a normal cellphone, does that work?

    yeah, it would be great to get this to work via BT. I am using TetherX on my WP8 and my Surface RT.
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    Microsoft warranty experience.

    chiming in here with my experience. Walked into an MS store in Cinci with a dead pixel on the screen of my 5months old Surface RT. They exchanged it on the spot. Not just that, they took my "naked" RT and gave me an entire new box including power supply, no questions asked. Way to go. cheers
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    Store credit for Surface RT trade-in. How much?

    always better to sell on ebay. like selling a car - similar principles apply. a car dealer will rip you off, while you can sell at a much more appropriate price yourself. you have to do the work though.
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    Installing Windows 8.1 RT on Surface RT

    yes, there is: The Windows 8.1 (& related) Repository if you are looking for English you should search for MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.8.1.RTM.X64.ENGLISH.DVD-WZT looks under ~~~ English (EN-US) ~~~ I. Core/Pro and find the magnet link for the Pro btw. congrats to the great deal!! I'd love to have a...
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    Installing Windows 8.1 RT on Surface RT

    there are kinks before and kinks after. I prefer the kinks after with all the improvements that come with 8.1

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