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    Surface book 3 15" with Nvidia GPU

    Nice, good work laptop. I wish my work would use Surface Book instead of Dell. We tried the original SB, however there was a high failure rate and Win10 was a bit ropey at the start. I still have my original 4 year old SB 1 and its working fine. I havent had any issue with fan throttling with...
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    Surface book 3 15" with Nvidia GPU

    Guys Just a note if anyone buys a SB3 15" model with Nvidia GPU. If you get the laptop and it doesnt show up, perform a full Windows update as the base laptop stupidly doesnt include the firmware to expose the GPU. Once you install the firmware and reboot its detected by device manager. I...
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    Surface laptop 3 32GB RAM which CPU and availability?

    Why did Microsoft not provide the home laptop with 32gb of ram like other high profile laptops, ( Dell, MSI, Gigabyte , Mac). If I spend over £2500 I want everything . Max ram and dedicated GPU which the business model doesn't have. Why restrict the ram GPU combination. I want it for business...

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