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  1. dniezby

    Running out of space

    The problem here is that you're installing more programs to free up space??? That makes no sense. Windows has the ability to clean up space. Use it. Go through and remove unused apps and programs. Delete local email or attachments. Get a OneDrive account and save everything there. Install a...
  2. dniezby

    Running out of space

    Are you testing 10 or using 8. Guess it doesn't matter, both have your app list in the settings which will show you which programs and how much space they're taking up. It should be under All Settings / System / Installed Apps. Btw, you sure can have your apps installed direct to your memory...
  3. dniezby

    Phone OS yet?

    Anyone know if there is going to be a release for phones other than Lumias
  4. dniezby

    Add to Apps Feature

    Thanks for cleaning up my info. Much easier to follow. Like a manual. I too like how it handles URL Links as apps. I hope people take advantage of that. I hope, in Spartan or in the next release that they make it a little more obvious or at least faster to set up.
  5. dniezby

    Office Touch (aka - Office Gemini) Available in the Windows 10 Store

    LOVING Office Touch !! Much better for working with documents on SP3. I like that it opens fast and that it doesn't seem to be the resource hog of the desktop app. I just wish they had an Access version.
  6. dniezby

    Great list, 20 tips and tricks for Win 10

    There are some things missing. Like the "Add to Apps" feature I just found and posted about. I was looking for a way to "pin" a site to my Start Menu and couldn't find anything. Then I clicked the gear icon and found the Add to Apps option on the IE Menu. Add a site to your apps, then add it...
  7. dniezby

    When will there be another release ...

    I was wondering the same thing. I want a new build because I just want to try new things. I think they have a release schedule somewhere but not sure. Maybe someone else knows. 9926 Has been pretty good. I haven't noticed too many problems. In fact, no problems. More like - nuisances...
  8. dniezby

    Add to Apps Feature

    Anyone testing W10 TP and try to use their "pinned" URL links? They don't work. What does work though is using the "Add Site to Apps" feature.It then adds the site you want to your FULL start menu (All Apps) which you will later have to add to your scrolling start menu. To save a website this...
  9. dniezby

    I love my SP3, but I think i'm going for the Companion 2

    LOL. More power to you. That doesn't even compare to the low end SP3. Really? Enjoy.
  10. dniezby

    How to Install Windows 10 preview on your Surface Pro 3

    I'm assuming this is an old method as I just went to windows update and installed the Tech Preview build 9926
  11. dniezby


    Welcome Dave. You will love you SP3. Even more with Windows 10. I've been using it for about two weeks and love the way it works on my SP3.
  12. dniezby

    Why does the Surface Pro 3 get a bad rap in the media? My take.

    I agree with much you have said but THIS quote I agree with 150%. Except for Office I don't use ANY desktop programs. I always search for MUI alternatives and I HAVE been able to find suitable alternatives (most of the time).
  13. dniezby

    Why does the Surface Pro 3 get a bad rap in the media? My take.

    I disagree. I think the SP3 is doing fine with comparisons. My son owns MacBook Air and I owned the IPad Air. My SP3 blows them out of the water. I can run soooooo much more than my iPad could. We don't have the apps because we can utilize the websites that iPad cannot. MacBook Air has NO...
  14. dniezby

    Why is it so difficult to highlight text and copy?

    Strange...I have NO Problems with highlighting, selecting or copying text. I use just double tap the word I want to highlight, drag the handles and select all the text I want. Then touch and hold and the menu appears. Second choice is the pen. Lastly, the keyboard.
  15. dniezby

    What is your average battery life on your SP3?

    Would love to see how you wrote that batch file. That's a good little app to use.
  16. dniezby

    Solved Blinking Power Supply (How to Fix)

    I saw this come up a. few times around the web so I figured it'd be a good thing to post this for people's reference. First, if it's blinking, there IS an error. Contact support and they will send you a new one. It was quick and easy to get done and they're very helpful. HOWEVER, if you...
  17. dniezby

    List of top 3 likes and dislikes about SP3

    As I read through these likes / dislikes I sit here shaking my head...I don't have half the problems I see reported. I don't have fan problems. I don't have pen problems. I don't have WiFi problems. I don't have battery problems. I did have problems with Desktop software screwing things up...
  18. dniezby

    Pretty disappointed so far

    I sure hope so.
  19. dniezby

    Suddenly All Kinds of Problems

    Okay, I got everything working again. I DID do a Reinstall without the complete wipe and that did NOT fix the problem. I finally decided to give it a full wipe and chose the "set up as new PC" mode. That fixed everything... Though everything does seem to be slightly smaller. Maybe it's...
  20. dniezby

    Suddenly All Kinds of Problems

    I've also tried downloading and installing programs and get an error " Startscreen not available." WTF?

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