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  1. Series7man

    Surface 2 supports wired ethernet in 8.1

    Actually I just looked the "New" manual for the Surface RT (the cover says with Windows 8.1) and it too says it can connect via an ethernet cable and has the link to MS's website for the adapter. Hmmm.
  2. Series7man

    How to delete Windows.old (7gigs) after update...

    The article is for Windows 7. Is it the same for 8 or RT?
  3. Series7man

    Check your Windows Store for 8.1

    I saw that too. Not sure what the Firmware update I didn't really check, but all seems OK with my RT. Gonna play around with it tomorrow and see what's new with 8.1
  4. Series7man

    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    Loaded 8.1 on my Surface RT this morning. I like it so far. There are quite a few changes to the way the OS looks on the Surface and I have not had a chance to go through all the new I am not sure what all the changes are yet! I did notice that I immediately picked up about...
  5. Series7man

    Windows 8 Phones Impressions: Who here has one?

    You'll love the 820. I have had the 920 since Christmas and I love it. It did take me a while to get used to the size as I was coming from a Samsung Focus. Now that I have it, I am perfectly comfortable with it. The 820 is slightly smaller but still is a great phone. When I bought mine, the 920...
  6. Series7man

    Bing App's Daily Picture

    I have to agree......those are some of the best photo's I have ever seen. Wow!
  7. Series7man

    Yahoo Finance for RT

    The Yahoo Finance App for RT is out. I have been using the Default RT App but it was not very good at finding ticker symbols. Half the time the symbols didn't exist or were the wrong security (i.e. CMU or AEHI). Thank you Yahoo!:excited:
  8. Series7man

    Word 2013 a complete disaster.

    Same here. I have Word 2013 and Word 2010. Looking at the same document in both on a 24" monitor. No difference.
  9. Series7man

    Gonna Show Off My Surface

    I also have a 2 hour layover in Hotlanta, so I might as well show it off at the airport too!!
  10. Series7man

    Tried Skype on Surface RT

    I tried the Skype App on the Surface RT yesterday. It worked great. The picture quality was good as was the sound. I asked the person at the other end if the quality was good and she said it was very good. Chalk up another victory for the Surface RT.
  11. Series7man

    CBC Hockey App

    Thanks for the input. It is now working intermittently. You are correct on the Live Tile. Mine says that the players and the owners have agreed to end the lockout...DUH!
  12. Series7man

    Gonna Show Off My Surface

    Flying from West Palm Beach to Fayetteville NC in March. I'm gonna make sure I get as many people on the plane to see the Surface in action. I've taken my Surface to work a couple of times and even my iPad Fanboy friends think it is nice. Beware traveling public........"Resistance is futile...
  13. Series7man

    CBC Hockey App

    Hello hockey fans. I have been using the CBC Hockey App on my Surface for about an week and it has been great. Today it stopped working. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. Well, it still does not work. The App opens and then it closes on its own. Anyone else out there use this App and if...
  14. Series7man

    Surface Case Reviews

    I e-mailed this company yesterday and got back this response to my question about the case with the AC Adapter inside the case and closing the case: "With the AC adapter it is a snug fit. We probably should have made the case a bit thicker but were working off the Surface RT dimension...
  15. Series7man

    Panasonic Reveals Insane 20-inch Tablet with 4K Resolution Display

    Pair that with one of the old giant boom boxes.........sweet!
  16. Series7man

    Not New Forum Member, But New Surface Owner!

    4th row.......I'm still in awe with 3!!!:excited:
  17. Series7man

    how can i check out library ebooks?

    You might be right!!!!:starstruck:
  18. Series7man

    how can i check out library ebooks?

    So I put the OMC App on my Surface, found my local library and then went to sign in with my library says I don't exist! I thought it might be a Surface problem so I tried to log into the library e-site from my desktop and it too says I don't exist. Hmm, I guess I need to go see...
  19. Series7man

    Having WiFi Connection Issues

    I was concerned about the Wifi issues but I have had none. I am using a 2Wire 3801HGV with U-Verse and I have had no problems at all. I actually walked out into my garage and was able to still have a fairly good Wifi connection with the Surface. My next adventure will be into the backyard and...

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