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  1. Kamin


    Just had a Blu-Ray bought for a Christmas present, I have tried to use the Flixster Download option. No Flixster App!!!!!! Is there one in works?
  2. Kamin

    Anybody have issues with the 64 Gig SanDisk Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 from Amazon?

    This is the card i am thinking of getting as well. I am sure i read somewhere that for best results you change the format from FAT32 to NTFS. Is this true?
  3. Kamin

    Hello from the UK

    Hi, Typing this on my Surface. My wife had been looking to buy a tablet since being impressed with the iPad friend of ours was using while on Holiday in the summer. I suggested that she should wait until we could have a look at a Surface while we were in America later in the year. The Family...