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  1. Zkyevolved

    Electricty "not clean" issue

    Hey everyone, I have a question for you all. At my work the outlet I have my Surface plugged into works fine. I have never had any issues (10 years and going), but for some reason when my Surface Pro 4 is plugged in, the pen "jumps" and skips strokes. I unplug my surface and it works perfectly...
  2. Zkyevolved

    Sound not coming out of monitor after waking from sleep

    Hello everyone, I'm having a small issue. I have an LG 29 inch ultra wide monitor with speakers in it. When I have my Sp4 turned off, and I connect the cable via mini DisplayPort, I have audio after turning on my surface. If my Surface falls asleep, and I wake it up, the audio is gone. this...
  3. Zkyevolved

    Wifi disconnects when plugging in USB to HDMI

    Hello everyone! I'm having an issue, and I don't know how to fix it. I got a USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter so I can just have 1 long USB cable running to a hub to plug in everything to my classroom (I'm a teacher) and project the sound, video, and have the USB presenter plugged in, etc. As soon as I...
  4. Zkyevolved

    CPU speed always at max since

    Hello everyone. My SP4 IS ALWAYS in turbo mode even when there is nothing running. It causes my device to heat up and it also causes battery drain. I had just reformatted it 2 days ago and yesterday I got the update to anniversary update and now my device is always at 2.92 ghz. Is there any way...
  5. Zkyevolved

    Battery charging error?

    I am seeing something strange with my SP4 as of lately. Maybe someone can make heads or tails of this. I have BatteryBar Pro, and it says I'm connected to A/C, and then shortly after it'll show me the time I have remaining (when already charged at 100%). So I ran a battery report and this is...
  6. Zkyevolved

    not normal fan noise (rattling?)

    Hello everyone. Today I told my SP4 to sync a lot of data off my server and the fan turned on. It sounded a little off. It sound like it was rattling... Does anyone else have this kind of sound? or is this normal? Since my fan hardly ever turns on, I just noticed it. Thanks.
  7. Zkyevolved

    Issue connecting to projector

    Hello everyone. I just got back to work on Monday, and I use my SP4 to connect up the projector. I just exchanged my i5/4/128 for the i5/8/256, so it's a new device in theory. Up until the end of December I was using the i5/128 and it worked fine with no issues. Anyways, my issue is the...
  8. Zkyevolved

    Solved Wifi Not Working... No updates, nothing new

    Hello everyone! And good morning! I'm having a serious issue with my SP4 that I had never encountered. My SP4 won't connect to any wifi. I have 2 routers, it won't connect to either of them. I even created a hotspot on my phone just to make sure that my routers weren't the isssue, no go either...
  9. Zkyevolved

    It's going back :( Quite sad, tbh

    Hello!!! I am a big time fan of the Surface line, but today for some reason all of my Windows apps were replaced with @{microsoftCommunication....} tags. Can't open any apps. Went and spoke to the Surface team, and gave them control of my PC and they asked me "How important is the information on...
  10. Zkyevolved

    Screen flex?

    Hello everyone, I'm writing to see if this is normal. Does your SP4 screen flex? I mean, turn off the screen, and then push a little bit, like a little bit more than a tap. Imagine you're writing with a pen, with that kind of strength. I can see the glass flex. Do your screens also flex? Thanks!
  11. Zkyevolved

    Error with Japanese Keyboard

    Hello everyone, I'd like to quickly explain the issue. I have a SP2 and I am currently in Japan. To write faster I decided to buy a Japanese keyboard from the Microsoft store online. It arrived and it worked. Well, kind of. What happens is that it recognizes it as an English keyboard. So what...
  12. Zkyevolved

    Urban Armor Gear Surface Pro 2 case announced

    I got this email today from UAG, and I can't wait :) I wrote them an email to see if the case allows the keyboard to be folded back. If anyone is interested I can post back what they say. I'm fairly excited for the case, to be honest. Kind regards! UPDATE: I received my first communication...
  13. Zkyevolved

    It's been heating up! :-\

    Hello everyone. My device since the last update of May (installed for me on the 20th) has been heating up. I chatted with Surface and they told me to do a complete reset, which wasn't a problem. I have now reset the device to "factory defaults" by swiping to the right, going into the settings...
  14. Zkyevolved

    Steam won't stop starting up! How can I stop it?

    Hello everyone, I am having some trouble on my surface pro 2. I love the device, and I love steam. But I don't like what Steam is doing! It's starting up all by itself!!! I've tried these things to make sure it's not starting up! But it's still doing it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.