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  1. bamaster

    My one annoyance with my SB (backlit keyboard)

    It's a small one but annoying all the same. I with the color of the keys were not silver. I can type medium speed but I usually look at the keyboard while typing. The problem is that everyday I have to enable/disable the backlit keys. In the light, I have to turn it off so I can see the...
  2. bamaster

    Flashing window oddity

    My Surface Book is doing something odd. Every now and then, typically right after booting up, I see a window pop open and close immediately. It's just a blip. Kinda looks like a comand prompt window. Seems to be part of the boot up sequence. Anyone else have this happen? It made me think...
  3. bamaster

    USB not recognized

    Hello, OK, I just ran into something weird. I use a Logitech Anywhere MX wireless USB mouse most of the time so the USB dongle stays plugged in. No problem, it works fine. But today I also plugged in an external drive (2 TB Seagate USB 3.0). The moment I plug it in, I lose the mouse...
  4. bamaster

    Touchpad shortcut for Back Page?

    Is there a shortcut while using the the touchpad to go back a page? Like a 3-finger-tap or something like that? For the record, the SP4 touchpad is the best windows touchpad I've ever used. 2-finger scrolling is awesome. Thanks!!
  5. bamaster

    Does the SB have auto-dimming screen?

    One on the things I hate about the XPS 13 is that the display automatically dims based on the screen's darkness. I'm not talking about the adaptive brightness in the Power Settings. The Dell "feature" is cooked into the BIOS and isn't adjustable. It's super distracting. Especially in...
  6. bamaster

    Stop WiFi syncing

    In addition to my SP3, I also have a Dell XPS 13 2015. Both have been upgraded to Windows 10. Much of the syncing is fine, such as wallpapers. But I find that the WiFi connections sync, too. Basically, I want my SP3 to use my house WiFi only. And my XPS needs to be connected to my mobile...
  7. bamaster

    VPN client and battery life

    Hello all, Recently I've noticed that my battery life has gone to hell. hehe I've lost 25% battery in 45 minutes. Brightness at around 80% and just running Outlook and Chrome, which is very normal for me. I used to get about 6 hours battery, now BatteryBar Pro tells me I'll get 3:15 from a...
  8. bamaster

    Surface Pro 2, Type Cover, Complete Warranty, Extras

    Moved to Saudi Arabia. Keeping the SP2 as a backup PC. Thanks
  9. bamaster

    Solved Lots of Slop in My Kickstand (Video)

    I'd like for you to view this short video of my kickstand. When I had the i5, I don't remember this much slop in the stand. Does yours do that, too? Update: I exchanged it and the new one has a perfectly working kickstand. Here's what that looks like.
  10. bamaster

    Trading in iPhone?

    Ok, I might be crazy but I thought I read somewhere that Microsoft Stores were accepting iPhones (along with Macbook Airs and other Surfaces) for store credit when buying a new Surface Pro 3. Anyone else know about this? I have a perfectly working iPhone 4S that I don't use and have no plans...
  11. bamaster

    Charms bar doesn't line up

    So here's a little nag. The Charms Bar. When swiping with my finger and the Charms Bar pops out, it looks pretty good. But if I use my mouse, hold it in the top-right corner, then swipe down... the Charms Bar is off. The Window icon isn't lined up with the Window icon on the bezel. Like...
  12. bamaster

    Calculating Screen Work Area

    Listening to Panos talk about "content area", I'm curious what he means by that. He says that the PS3 has 6% more content area than a Macbook Air 13.3". But the screen area of the MBA 13 is 79.5 square inches (11.3 x 7). The SP3 has a screen area of 66.46 square inches (10 x 6.7). The MBA...