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    Do people tend to whip out their laptops next to you while you're using your SP3?

    I have just noticed people tend to do this when I'm on the bus and using my SP 3 to do assignments or review lectures. For the past 6 months that I've been using the same bus, no one had brought out their laptops. But on 2 out of 3 occasions that someone sat next to me while using my SP3, the...
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    Type Cover Color Popularity

    I originally got the Cyan one thinking it's a color that's not mainstream. I wanted to be different. I thought people would be using black. Then I found out that every review site seems to be featuring the Cyan one. I've seen people around me using Cyan as well >_< Turns out it is a very popular...
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    Solved Desktop files re-arranging themselves every time I save

    So when I edit then save a pdf file, it re-arranges itself on the desktop as if it was a new file added to the desktop Any way to stop this?
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    Desktop refreshed itself and now has lots of adware/malware installed.

    Hi guys, this isn't necessarily a surface related problem. My dad's desktop rebooted itself while it was scanning using the mcafee. He said he left the PC for an amount of time and when he came back, the PC was refreshing itself. When it came back on, all the programs he had installed are gone...
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    Problem with Reader on SP3 i3 version

    I'm having problems with annotating using the pen when using the Reader app included. When I first start, it runs well. The notes being written is very similar to my pen strokes. But after a few minutes of writing, the writing produced becomes more angular... To remedy this, I'd have to write...
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    Why does the SP3 have so many files?

    I've done a windows defender full scan on my sp3 which I've only had for 3 weeks and it scanned over 590,000 files. I've done a full scan on my 3-year old laptop where I keep my music, my pictures and everything and it only had 280,000 files.