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    Surface Book Dead

    I tried a 2nd charger, as work gave me a Surface Pro 4 as a loaner. Yes, some files are on one drive. Most things I do are on Box/SFDC so it's mostly personal stuff on the HD I did not back up for a month or 2. Do you think putting in a new battery would be worthwhile? K./
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    Surface Book Dead

    My surface book, which has worked great since I got it the day it was released back in Oct 2015 has died. I was using it on the plane, and both batteries basically went to 0%. I closed the screen and put it into my bag. When I got to my hotel I plugged it in, and left it there until the next...
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    Microsoft Edge is part of the problem.

    Whenever I got to some pages like Paypal checkout, or pages, the screen will go black when using EDGE. I have to hit the Windows key to get it to come back up If I don't use EDGE most of my problems disappear

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