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    surface book keeps hanging

    Sudden freezes are likely HW issues. No software patches are not going to work. Send it back now, it's basically a very useless and expensive lump of metal and glass. I had to send my i7/8GB/256GB and get a replacement unit, which has been working just fine!
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    Forum member hands on reviews of the Surface Book

    My Surface Book story starts out awful, but gets better. First, I pre-ordered a i7/8GB/256GB unit. I then got the sinking feeling in my stomach when I realized I would be out of town on 10/26, and wouldn't be back in town until 10/29. The Microsoft store said they'd only hold the unit for 48...
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    The "Official" I got my Surface 3 thread

    Setting up my wife's now - we got it yesterday. This is her first Windows machine since XP, and she's learning her way around the device. After being in OS X and iOS for so long it is a bit of learning curve coming back to Windows. But I never thought my SP3 would feel huge, but it does after...
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    Initial Thoughts...

    So far, been setting up my wife's new Surface 3. Seems nice and light - more effortless to carry than my S3 Pro. Screen is really nice, no problems there. For the light tasks that she will be throwing at the thing, I think she will be happy with it. I thought I'd miss the variable position...
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    Extra 4th position on kickstand.

    That looks painful - and like abuse. Remember, Microsoft only advertises it as a 3 position kickstand. If your kickstand fails after being overextended, don't expect any sympathy from them. Regardless of what the guys at the Microsoft store tell you.
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    Who's getting a Surface 3 on Tuesday?

    If you knew my wife, that thought would never enter into your mind ;-) She hasn't bought new dress shoes for herself in a long while, I probably spend too much of our money on devices. LOL.
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    Who's getting a Surface 3 on Tuesday?

    My wife's is waiting for her at the local BestBuy. When she's ready, we're going to go together so that hopefully she can choose the color pen and keyboard cover that she wants! (Hopefully BB will have a decent selection, otherwise off to the Microsoft Store I guess).
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    LTE or not LTE?

    I designate my hotspot connection as a metered connection on my Surface Pro 3, which keeps it from doing a lot of the background downloading. Even Outlook will warn me when I'm on a metered connection. So, from an OS perspective at least, Windows has you covered as long as you designate the...
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    Would you convert to an iPad Pro and replace your SP3?

    I don't see how an iPad Pro (at least as imagined by the popular press, and rumor mills) would be any good. Does anyone even care for tablets in that size anymore? I don't see any excitement for tablets anymore as a whole. They just don't fit into people's lives as neatly as a phone (esp. large...
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    SP3 works with 4k monitors, just not at 60hz

    What are you using the monitor for? And is 30Hz noticeably laggy? 30" monitors have been coming down in price lately, and I know the SP3 can run those @60Hz. I'm a programmer, and use a 30" monitor at work, and want to get one at home. But, the 4K monitors are appealing as well (and even...
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    Who here uses a Windows Phone

    I love my Lumia 1520! Switched from an iPhone 5s. If it weren't for the lack of a couple of apps, I'd not miss anything about the iPhone. But, I enjoy the WP 8.1 environment so much more than the iPhone. It just 'clicks' with me in a way that iOS doesn't. Love the live tiles, and the 20MP camera...
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    Tethered shooting in the field

    That's a great idea, I never really thought about doing that - but it makes total sense to me.
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    Wear marks under the kickstand hinge

    Same here, doesn't bother me too much. I am also very careful with my unit.
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    Solved The tablet that can replace your laptop - It is not a lie!

    It is scary, we have the exact same setup! Lumia 1520 and SP3. LOL.
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    Phone compatibility

    I have a Lumia 1520 and LOVE it. Hoping more devs jump on the platform because it is awesome. Some of the apps are behind their iOS counterparts. But its a chicken and egg situations. The more users on board the better the apps will be. Love the OS and device though.
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    Broadwell Core-M first benchmarks and comparison with SP3

    Excited to see what happens when I am in the market for the Surface Pro 5!
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    September Patch Tuesday - No WiFi Fix for SP3

    Yes, I did try Hibernate with Hyper-V turned off. It works just fine. But I need Hyper-V turned on, since a lot of the dev work I currently an doing is through the Windows Phone Emulator. :( And the reason Hibernate is important for me, is that unlike the schizophrenic battery draining sleep...
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    Can someone please confirm with VS2013?

    Both the SP2, and SP3 i5 work well for Visual Studio 2013. VS 2013 uses a lot of disk space - so I'd get more than the 64GB in the i3. At least 128GB.
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    September Patch Tuesday - No WiFi Fix for SP3

    Perhaps you are not reading carefully - but are parsing out the details. I do not care about Connected Standby (which when it was enabled, rarely worked well anyhow). I want my computer, which I paid a pretty penny for - to work well in the Microsoft Ecosystem. As a developer, who is working...
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    September Patch Tuesday - No WiFi Fix for SP3

    This is a really annoying problem to have. It is particularly horrible because those of us who are working on Windows Phone apps (in support of the incredibly small Microsoft ecosystem) and who have Hyper-V installed, are more productive in some ways with a Surface Pro 2. My old Surface Pro 2...