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  1. VickiFL

    Band 2 battery life

    I get around 36 hours also, and I like that I don't need to charge it everyday, like my Apple Watch.
  2. VickiFL

    I've done the unthinkable...

    Congrats on your purchase. I recently "went over to the dark side" myself. I switched from a Galaxy Note 4 to an iPhone 6s. I bought an iPad mini 4, and an Apple Watch. (I still use both my Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3. I also still use my Microsoft Band, although it's not playing nice with...
  3. VickiFL


    I have a SP3, and 2 Surface 3's. I have to admit that I just bought an ipad mini 4 because I wanted to dip my toes in the Apple ecosystem. ☺
  4. VickiFL

    Band Stand - Loyalstar Nightstand for Microsoft Band 2

    Very nice! I might have to go pick one up.
  5. VickiFL

    12-10-15 update problem

    Glad you got it fixed. :)
  6. VickiFL

    12-10-15 update problem

    I agree. They shouldn't leave Band 1 users hanging.
  7. VickiFL

    12-10-15 update problem

    Is update this for the Microsoft Band 2? I have the Band 2, and have not received an update as of yet. ***EDIT---just got the update.
  8. VickiFL

    Would you?

    I'm not judging it. In fact, I have it on my SP3, and love it so far. ::knocks on wood:: I'm just worried about it slowing down the slower processor of the S3. Lagging really irks me, and Win8.1 runs so smooth on it now.
  9. VickiFL

    Would you?

    How does it perform vs. a Surface Pro 3?
  10. VickiFL

    Would you?

    I finally installed Win10 on my SP3, but that's a more powerful machine. So far, it's working well. Not sure about battery life yet. I'm leaning towards keeping Win10 off my Surface 3 because I think it would slow it down. That's why I wanted opinions. :)
  11. VickiFL

    Would you?

    Would you put Windows 10 on a Surface 3, or do you think it's a bad idea?
  12. VickiFL

    Anyone here prefer the SP3 type cover over the SP4 cover?

    I actually like the new SP4 typecover.
  13. VickiFL

    Customer Service unacceptable

    I have never once had bad service from MSFT, either over the phone, or in the physical store. They go out of their way to be extra nice, and even offer a cold beverage for you to drink.
  14. VickiFL

    Proper way to wear the MSFT Band (2)?

    From what I was told by MFST, for the UV sensor to properly work, the clasp needs to face up.
  15. VickiFL

    Would you trade your SP3 for an SP4?

    I wonder because it's not the first time she has implied this in other threads.
  16. VickiFL

    Would you trade your SP3 for an SP4?

    Why do you think expensive things should be given to you free? I'm confused.
  17. VickiFL

    Microsoft 'Nerfs' OneDrive by Reducing Storage Tiers and Eliminating Unlimited for Office 365 Users

    Well, that just sucks! Guess I'll be using my micro SD cards more.
  18. VickiFL

    Is it worth buying the new SP4 type cover to use on my SP3?

    I was thinking about it, and even made a thread here. :)
  19. VickiFL

    Would you trade your SP3 for an SP4?

    I saw that too. Being a new seller of used items, I probably wouldn't get get many bites.