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  1. barry.pearson

    Screen Protector, or no screen protector, that is the question

    Personally, I'm not a fan of screen protectors. While I don't think they interfere with colours too much, I find that when using the stylus they're certainly not ideal. At best I find they add too much resistance and potentially wear down your pen nib much faster than usual, at worse I end up...
  2. barry.pearson

    Anyone with experience using the Surface Pro 4 with Surface Pro 3 Dock?

    Hey just spotted it's the Surface 3 dock they're discounting not the Surface Pro 3 dock, so... yeah. My question still stands though as to if anything would prefer the SP3 dock to the SP4 one.
  3. barry.pearson

    Anyone with experience using the Surface Pro 4 with Surface Pro 3 Dock?

    I'm looking to possibly replace my desktop with my Surface Pro 4, I currently use it with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and my monitor has a USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports, however my SP4 has all sorts of cables coming out of it (a charger, USB cable to monitor, a MDP to monitor and 3.5 to...
  4. barry.pearson

    Can't install programs on SD-Card

    Just curious what program is it that you're trying to install? I guess that this card is either a Class 10 or UHS-1 class of card?
  5. barry.pearson

    Current owners screen resolution

    Is it not advisable to alter the screen scaling rather than the resolution? I have mine set to 150% which still makes many things usable without sacrificing screen space. With the exception of one or two apps (iTunes is the one that comes to mind) everything remains sharp, especially text.
  6. barry.pearson

    Could experienced SB and SP 4 users recommend a Surface for me?

    I'm surprised to hear that, my girlfriend has an i3 Surface Pro 3, 4GB, 64GB SSD and watches movies she rents through iTunes with no issue. I'll go and check on that though for you. Update: Just checked and it ran Despicable Me through iTunes with no issue (don't judge it's the one only movie...
  7. barry.pearson

    Could experienced SB and SP 4 users recommend a Surface for me?

    I've been a Surface user for a while owning a Surface RT, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 3 and now a Surface Pro 4 and while I absolutely love them as machines I think you could get another machine which will give you much better value for your money. My current Surface is the Surface Pro 4 i5, 8GB...
  8. barry.pearson

    GOLD Surface Pen

    I never even spotted that gold one. Saying that I've not even seen any of the other colour pens in store except the silver. I'd have loved to have either the red or black one.
  9. barry.pearson

    Surface Pro 4 slower than Surface Pro 3?

    I've only had it two days but my i5 SP4 feels much snappier at everything than my i5 SP3, and I never had any issues with the SP3's speeds to begin with.
  10. barry.pearson

    Best drawing program?

    They're not apps, they're desktop programs. You can get them from What Will You Create - Smith Micro Consumer Solutions. I use Clip Studio and Photoshop and find Clip Studio to be much better for drawing with the pen. Just so you know Manga Studio and Clip Studio are the same program, they...
  11. barry.pearson

    Color of your SP4 typecover

    Red. Because they don't do orange :( My girlfriend also got the black for her SP3 as they don't do purple now.
  12. barry.pearson

    UK Excitement building - shipping date 12th Nov

    My SP4 is available to collect now from Currys PC World, but I'm starting to have second thoughts about upgrading from my SP3. Most of the threads here to seem to be somewhat negative in regards to the SP4 performance.
  13. barry.pearson

    Question about start up

    Not quite the same issue but I've always noticed on my previous surfaces that once the unit has been off for a while the power button won't wake it up immidiately. If I press the power button and it doesn't wake up right away I often find holding the power button for around 2-3 seconds will boot...
  14. barry.pearson

    Screen Issues and quality

    Oh dear. Any idea if they were from the same batch?
  15. barry.pearson

    Already Bought Book Then Returned It For SP4

    I read somewhere that the reason for the keyboard section not recharging the clipboard/screen is there would be too much lost energy in the transfer and this would make it inefficient.
  16. barry.pearson

    Screen Issues and quality

    So long as the screen is as good, or better, than the surface pro 3's I will be very happy.
  17. barry.pearson

    i7 Gaming Potential

    I remember going to a Microsoft event for the Surface Pro 3 and they had Skyrim on some of the devices to show off the power, it was set to high but the frame rate was pretty low, at a guess high teens low twenties. I would imagine you'd get a good playing experience on medium or on a lower...
  18. barry.pearson

    External monitors

    Hey just thought I'd throw my hat into the ring on this one. I have a SP3 and 2 AOC ultra wide monitors running at 3440x1440 (so a little over the equivalent of 2 1080p monitors each). While the SP3 does manage to drive these two monitors the performance certainly takes a hit. I also find...
  19. barry.pearson

    Without Buttons it's not Pro

    I'm certainly not a professional artist or anything of the kind, but typically when I'm drawing or editing videos I find one hand is instinctively on the keyboard for all the short cuts, if they added an extra button for them all I'd end up not with a tablet, but another keyboard. I must admit...
  20. barry.pearson

    Did they fix the wavy diagonal lines?

    Hey just saw a video and hands on here: I went hands-on with the Surface Pro 4 and it was awesome which seems to say that the problem still exists but isn't as bad as on the SP3. Hope that helps a little.