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  1. TrentonT

    Who here uses a Windows Phone

    Hi Leeshor I am running with my second Nokia Using the Lumia 1020 currently great phone
  2. TrentonT

    8.1 update?

    Just did my Surface 2 Pro and desktop about an hour ago
  3. TrentonT

    Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!

    Where do I find the download?
  4. TrentonT

    Microsoft Will Re-Release Surface Pro 2 Firmware Earlier Than Expected

    I would not install anything from the Dec 12th update Microsoft has to my knowledge made no statement other than to withdraw them They have completely screwed up my surface 2 Pro and it is almost unusable.
  5. TrentonT

    Microsoft Will Re-Release Surface Pro 2 Firmware Earlier Than Expected

    Dec. 23, 2013 Paul Thurrott Good news. They listened. "To ensure the best experience for our customers, we have taken steps to remove the update for Surface Pro 2 that was previously published through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013," a new quote provided by the company says. "We are...
  6. TrentonT

    New Firmware Update Dec 17

    Got it 5 minutes ago It is dated Dec 10 and is number 3 with date Got on patch tuesday and it faled Go it again two days go and it screwed up the battery managemn Today maybe third time a charm
  7. TrentonT

    Battery charging Problem, New firmware?

    Thanks fixed mine as well
  8. TrentonT

    microsd card problem

    I can confirm the same issue with a Scan disk card I have been waiting for a patch from MS for now I just reboot or pop and reinsert
  9. TrentonT

    do Touch cover 1 /Type cover1 fit for SP2?

    I ordered a Type cover for my SP2 when I ordered it. Have a type on my RT. Did not like the type cover with the SP2 being thicker than the RT the type cover made it seem very thick. My feelings so my wife hasthe type with the RT and I have the touch with the SP2 we are both happy Both Touch...
  10. TrentonT

    Can the lower power surface charger work on a pro?

    Just got the surface 24W charger today (did not want to travel with the monster that comes with Pro 2) Use the Pro 2 charger at Home and office Travel with the little guy. Takes a little longer o top up but not a problem.
  11. TrentonT

    SPro Accessories

    I did not want to travel with the SP Pro 2 charger. Too chunky. Picked the smaller Surface charger today and it works great. Sower but soooo much simpler to pack.
  12. TrentonT

    New Microsoft Surface 2 Hits Retail Stores Today; Plus Surface 2 Round Up!

    Ordered Mine last week arrives tomorrow Woot Woot
  13. TrentonT

    Seven Months with Surface RT

    Well I am into my 7th month on my Surface RT. It has been a joy way beyond any expectation that I had. I have been playing with different "Pads" for a while trying to see where they fit my needs and work styles and they had been coming up short. Do not get me wrong the other pads a great "toys"...
  14. TrentonT

    Decent live clock app?

    You may as well have three to pick from, I use Tile of Time. Works well Time and Date
  15. TrentonT

    Tips on cleaning touch cover?

    from the Surface Support Site Touchscreen care Scratches, finger grease, dust, chemicals and ultraviolet light can affect the performance of your touchscreen. Here are a few things you can do to help protect the screen: Clean frequently. The Surface touchscreen has been coated to make it...
  16. TrentonT

    May 14th Surface Updates

    Installed updates re-booted no issues. Switched to desktop and ran update from there and got two more updates for .net re-booted again no issues
  17. TrentonT

    How many people are actually using Windows 8?

    I have it installed on three of my desktops, laptop and of course on my RT
  18. TrentonT

    Where have my People Gone?

    I stand corrected open People > from Charm Bar Settings open Account > go from there.
  19. TrentonT

    Where have my People Gone?

    Surface / Surface Pro gets the content for People from your Hotmail or Live account. Contacts must be imported to first.
  20. TrentonT

    Patch Tuesday is coming April 9th

    My guess is that the patch for Pro would be close to the same