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    Surface laptop not that popular?

    Ive been looking at the surface laptop off and on at best buy and it's definately a nice piece of hardware...but i come into the forum and there is barely any posts about it? whats up? is it the price ? I plan on buying another computer between now and christmas and lo0king at the surface laptop...
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    I5 or i7 for lightroom/little games? It's true the throttling problem?

    I would stick with the I-5 sp4 as it will do everything you need, I use mine a lot for quick edits of photos and do touch ups with the pen... does a great job
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    will there be a Surface 4 (non-Pro)

    will there be a surface 4? that's a good question...isn't intel nixing the atom type processors? plus no word on surface 4 in june 2016
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    Convince me to buy the SP4 despite so many issues

    I have a surface pro 4 and other than some display driver issues everything else works great. The sp4 is not my only device, I got it because I wanted a light weight full blown pc and stop packing around my 5 lb laptop everywhere I go. I do not ever use sleep mode, the tablet boots fast so I...
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    SP4 Touchscreen stops responding & Pen

    Keyboard attached? I had a spell of screen not responding to touches while I was using the pen with keyboard detached...I had to reconnect it and it's only happened one time
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    Windows 10 upgrade push changes things for IT pros and bootleggers

    This is why IT has updates locked down at server level , one bad update can create a nightmare in the corporate world. It would also be a pain to have to roll back to a previous version as this generally is not a smooth process. We have multiple machines running proprietary software so if they...
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    Solved SP4 Still Active In Sleep

    If you depend on max battery life why not just shut the tablet off ? With Today'ssdS Boot time is pretty fast
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    display changes tone while scrolling in edge

    yeah I suppose it is a setback from internet explorer, idk why they tried to make it look like safari. Guess I will try chrome again though I'm not a fan of it.
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    display changes tone while scrolling in edge

    My sp4 I-5 seems to have a very small change in tone, maybe a slight reddish tone... its very subtle and you have to look closely for it. What's weird is I have not seen it in programs like OneNote with the white back ground or file explorer. Guess it may be a driver issue but not sure yet.
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    Upgrading My SP2 to SP4 i7… or i5? - How's Battery Consumption?

    I think the best bang for the buck is the I-5, if I need more power than that I'm just going to use my gaming laptop... the sp3 I-5 had the throttling issue which essentially turned it into a slightly more powerful I-3..I have yet to hear my fan come on in my I-5 far as my battery life...
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    hover option in action center

    I think it would be cool to be able to hover over the settings buttons for like 2-3 seconds and have tiny option window pop up...such as hovering over the brightness button and have a slider pop up , or hovering over the WiFi button and have a list of available network connections expand .
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    I briefly got my hands on a surface pro 4 I-5 8gb 256..screen is beautiful, slightly better than my sp3 and thinner. Setting up network connection for a fellow employee wifi signal and speed (5ghz) was similar to the sp3. The things I personally noticed the most was transferring files seemed...
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    Already Bought Book Then Returned It For SP4

    maybe a laptopish device isn't for you, one thing I noticed when I purchased a Lenovo yoga pro 13.3 after using a surface pro 2 is it felt HUGE in tablet mode. It took me a little bit to adjust to the increase in screen size but later on loved it. The surface pro tablet has almost hit...
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    Surface Book is a disappointment.

    not from what ive been reading, they are more hacked off at the fact there is little innovation going on with the MacBook pro. Ive been waiting around to purchase a MacBook pro for 2 yrs now and one thing that's put me off is the whole staingate mess. A few fanboys might have laughed but the...
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    Surface Book 2016 improvements

    how about just making the surface pro tablet with the option to buy THAT keyboard for extra battery life and superior typing experience, one with gpu and one without. Bump surface pro screen to 13.3 inches, this would also solve the kickstand on the tablet portion since surface pro already has...
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    Surface pro 4 i5: 4gb or 8gb RAM?

    the 4gb model could get the job done, doing rendering-photoshop-cad programs- video editing go for 8gb
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    SP4 Benchmarks

    looks like you will get your money's worth out of the I-5 sp4, A tiny bit of throttling is expected I guess if working for long periods of time pushing the cpu. This is why I got rid of the sp3 I-5 in favor of the I-3, the throttling brought the I-5 down to I-3 levels of performance under heavy...
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    Surface Book Reviews

    this dude is claiming 13hrs battery life
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    New Surface Book config option

    I do photography as a hobby and I can tell you it's a godsend to be able to quick edit photos out in the field, in the past you just waited till you got back home or where ever and upload them on your desktop. Now if you don't like what you see in an editor while still on site you could reshoot...
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    SP4 Benchmarks

    Im curious if core m will be weak ( considering the complaints for MacBook-Lenovo yoga owners) and if the I-5 can sustain speed without throttling. The storage speed bump up will be nice though for sure.

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