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  1. YoungLJ

    what is the "messaging" app?

    Messaging apps are used for chatting with other users (texting, video calls etc). The most popular are: WhatsApp Line Viber Hangouts Google Allo WeChat Skype I prefer using the last one. Here is the article with its description. The main thing is that one can use it both on smartphone and PC.
  2. YoungLJ

    Forgot the login password on my surface pro

    PassFolk helped me out already in such situation
  3. YoungLJ

    Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?

    I have wireless Sony wh-1000xm2. Paid over 300 bucks for it but it's totally worth it. But the main thing about headphones is the sound. It's not important to me if it wireless or not.