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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I bought the Surface Pro because having a tablet and laptop in a single device is like a dream come true. When Microsoft first announced the RT edition, I knew I would have to have one. The Pro announcement later allowing running any Windows app was even better, and I don't even care that it...
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    What does this button do?

    I find the "hide keypress" technology on a touch-screen to be a little gimmicky. Your finger prints will be left on-screen over the places where keys have been pressed, even if they can't see what key you're pressing exactly.
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    Surface Pro Stopped Vibrating Upon Windows Button Touch

    Just throwing an idea out, could it be linked to the volume control? I'll try running some tests later, but I think I've seen instances where it doesn't work, and where it does. It might only produce the haptic feedback if the volume is turned on?
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    Surface Case Reviews

    I had to share my final verdict on cases. I've decided to go with the Kensington Soft Carrrying Case: This case will hold the charger in the outside pocket (it's semi-bulky but not nearly as bulky as a full blown messenger bag). The big pocket is a sleeve type (zipper is only at the top)...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    souldier, two questions. 1) Where can I buy that case? 2) What keyboard are you using? I have a Logitech keyboard (with Unifying compatibility) which came with my Logitech Revue, but the trackpad on the right side makes it too large for practical use with my Surface. I'm looking for a cheap...
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    Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple iPad 4

    My favorite part of this was that the iOS apps are better than what the Pro can provide. Did the reviewer miss the part about having a full-fledged desktop where you can run pretty much any application? I didn't see that feature mentioned anywhere in the review. If you ask me (aside from the...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    I picked this case up this weekend, and I'm still not 100% convinced I like it. It's almost a little too bulky to be effective. While it's nice that it has pockets for all of my accessories, I'm kinda hoping there is a sleeve that will accomplish the same thing. This thing is almost like a...
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    a few touch cover questions

    I just noticed mine does that too. Hmmm...not sure if it's by design or not. Probably need more people to verify.
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    Fiddling with the magnetic power charger cord

    Yes, that makes it infinitely easier. Verified to work pretty easily.
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    I can confirm this as well. Installed and running on my Pro 'because it can', ha. I'm gonna try installing some other games from years back and see how they fare as well. (Crysis, anyone?)
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    Surface Case Reviews

    If you paid for the pro version and there still isn't a fix, that's pretty terrible. Back on topic though, does anyone know if the sleeves for Surface RT will fit the Pro or not? I know the Pro is slightly larger, but there is likely to be a *bit* of wiggle room within some of the neoprene...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    Hmm. I downloaded it and I get an error every time I try to search for a forum or select one. Must be a bug in the app; I'm sure it will be fixed quickly but definitely isn't working for me at the moment.
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    Surface Case Reviews

    This is probably a dumb question, but where did you find that Metro setup for the forum site? I searched a bit for an app and found nothing. It's probably some obvious forum secret, but I'm not privy to it yet!
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    So I figured out how to fix the mouse cursor issue in StarCraft 2. Set the graphics settings to run in Windowed (Fullscreen) mode and it works. Apparently this is a known issue with Windows 7 64-bit and higher and I guess Blizzard never decided to fix it. Scaling the fonts and running it in...
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    screen problems with gaming

    What has worked for me is to use the compatibility troubleshooter on the EXE which is launched. If you say that you have problems displaying it properly (don't use the recommended troubleshooter), and then that the large-scale fonts are causing the problem, that usually solves it for me...
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    I'm seeing the same issue. The stylus *does* work, but I'm not sure why the cursor doesn't appear to move. I'm also dealing with a missing DLL after attempting to troubleshoot additional compatibility which I probably will have to re-install the game for. I guess StarCraft 2 doesn't support...
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    I just got it this evening!

    I want a free type cover! Lame that Best Buy/Microsoft didn't do this at launch...
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    Ok, here are some more in-depth steps. Locate the EXE which launches the game and right-click. Choose "Troubleshoot Compatibility". When prompted, choose "Troubleshoot program". Then check the box for what problem you are having. For example, I selected "The program opens but doesn't...
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    Probably not too well. Certainly not on high settings I wouldn't think. If I get the opportunity to install Skyrim I will post my results here. I'm currently installing StarCraft 2, Portal and Half-Life 2.
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    Surface Pro Hate

    Mostly it was limitations on the transfer between PC and iPad. While I could take notes with Evernote, I never felt like it was the full experience. Features I like in the full PC app were missing in the iOS version. Sure, it was workable but as I said, compromise. Also, I didn't have...

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