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    POLL: How long is the battery life of your Surface Pro 2017?

    Considering that battery life is one of their selling point this time, it would be interesting to see how the actual battery life of the SP2017 is like. Of course, none of us will actually get the best-case-scenario 13.5 hours with our average usage pattern, and thats fine. Thats just a fact...
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    Upgrading My SP2 to SP4 i7… or i5? - How's Battery Consumption?

    Most USB battery packs are 5V. Only the Surface 3 (non-Pro) can be charged with that. The SP3 and SP4 requires a 12V battery pack. Same with the SP2 as well. Id recommend getting the 8 GB SP2. Not only because its your ideal size (size matters, a lot), but its also a lot cheaper by now...
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    SP4 battery life much better with Win 8.1 dual boot!!

    Surprisingly, 8.1 does activate with the embedded Windows 10 product key of the SP4. You can search for "advanced startup eightforums" in Google. Eightforums have quite a lot of nice tutorials about Windows. I cannot link it here because of the forum rules. Basically drivers that are signed...
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    Tracking Battery Life

    Can you show the very bottom of the battery report, the "Battery life estimates" and "Battery life estimates based on observed drains"
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    Which Surface Pro 4 issues remain?

    Works on mine. I use the 4380 beta. The 4352 does glitch a lot. No need for braveness. There is a premade registry script here Power Options - Add or Remove "Min/Max processor state" Totally agree, installed 8.1 on the SP4, and it couldn't get any better. Still getting sleep battery drain though.
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    Windows 8.1 on Surface Pro 4?

    Okay, I got it working. Partially. I installed Intel Virtual Buttons driver (Download Acer Aspire R7-371T Intel Virtual Button Driver for Windows 8.1 64 bit), and surprise, the buttons work However, it works the wrong way: The Power button becomes Volume Down The Volume Up button...
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    Windows 8.1 on Surface Pro 4?

    I haven't solved it. But I found a workaround: 1. Download the TouchMe Gesture Studio app, and set 4/5-finger rotation for volume control. 2. To wake the device, double-click the pen. 3. To put the device to sleep, set the lid-close action to sleep, so you'd put the device to sleep when you...
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    Windows 8.1 on Surface Pro 4?

    First you need to have Windows 8.1 fully updated or some installation will fail. Go to Windows Update and go download all the available updates now. Now here's the tricky part. We need to install Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 drivers from here Download Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware from...
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    S3 driver needed for running Windows 8.1 on SP4

    If youre on the Surface 3 device, Windows Update can pull up the "System Firmware Update" package. But not with the traditional method: Windows Update detects the Vendor and Product ID of each component and match with the driver on their server. Its all-or-nothing approach here, and since my...
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    S3 driver needed for running Windows 8.1 on SP4

    Hello, I am experimenting with installing Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 4. As you might already know, the MS doesn't provide the 8.1 drivers for the SP4. Thankfully, it shares some components with the SP3, like the wireless module, so most components works with SP3 drivers or forced-installed...
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    SP4 battery life much better with Win 8.1 dual boot!!

    Are there any issues with 8.1 on the SP4? Apart from Windows Hello, what other features are missing? Are the cameras, buttons, sensors working?
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    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    I would recommend either the Logitech MX Master or MX Anywhere 2 depending on your size preference
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    Running Win7 on a SP3 w/ Win10 as secondary OS - is a Win7 VM the best way to go?

    Just install Start10, the start menu is practically the only difference between W10 and W7 UX anyway
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    Phone charging with power supply USB port

    I have exactly the same behavior with my BlackBerry Z10, but not my Lumia 820
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    Battery drain in "Connected Standby"

    Yes, its a Samsung EVO 64 GB (the white-orange one)
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    Awesome iPad Pro Web Comic.

    Wondering if Mazda would sue them for the similarity of the name [MAZDA]Brake Energy Regeneration System | Environmental Technology
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    3d print fan box - prevent throttling

    The last 10 seconds of the video caught my attention: - The metal bar on the kickstand doesn't have the two feet (similar to the Surface 3) - The device is bent.
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    Sp3 broken WiFi+Bluetooth for $250

    For $250, its the nicest tablet that you could possibly get, even with no WiFi
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    Awesome iPad Pro Web Comic.

    People complained that the Surface Pen doesn't have storage on the device itself. This seems to be even worse, lets see how this goes.
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    Anyone else have no interest in upgrading their SP3 to Win 10?

    Consider system-wide adblocker instead, like Ad Muncher or the hosts method