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    Camera does not turn on during startup after update

    I seem to have found a fix that so far has been working for me. Go to the control panel/System and Security/Find and Fix problems/Hardware and Sound/Configure a Device. Then click Next and go through the process. Mine said it found a problem with a device, and fixed it, and then I rebooted...
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    Upgrade to SB from SP4?

    I came from an SP3 to a SB. I know the SP4 is a bit better than the SP3, but if I had to do again I'd still get the SB. Keyboard is great, and the battery life is good. If you switch a lot to tablet mode and take a lot of notes with the pen, then I recommend the SP4, otherwise get the SB.
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    After a few days with the new Intel 520 beta driver - excellent results so far!

    Ha, I had a display driver crash while reading this post on my SB.
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    take a picture - draw on picture

    One easy way is just to double click the pen to draw a rectangle around the pic you want, and then draw on it in Onenote.
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    Solved Surface Book Pen, eraser button

    Yes sounds like your pen is not paired via Bluetooth.
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    Colored Pens 4 Surface Book

    I saw them for $59.95 at my local Best Buy.
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    Colored Pens 4 Surface Book

    I'd like to get a blue one.
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    Wish the clipboard would recharge from the keyboard battery

    I'm sure they did it on purpose, cause it's not such a smart thing to do. There is energy loss when charging, so charging one battery from another would shorten overall life of both batteries. And them people would be complaining about that. Better to connect it back to the keyboard...
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    Anyone with 100% Functioning Surface Dock?

    I have an i5, 256gb/dGPU. Pretty close to 100% on the software I use which is mostly Office. Maybe a couple of display driver crashes per day using Edge but it recovers quickly and doesn't bother me much.
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    Did the November 2 firmware fix your issues?

    The update seems to have fixed my color changes and flickering when using Edge, however I've had a couple of display crashes and recoveries since the update.
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    Surface Book is a Serious Scientific Machine

    What program are you using for those HP calcs?
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    Plugged In, Keyboard Battery at 0%, and Not Charging

    You've probably done this, but be sure you verify your AC adapter/charger is good.
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    What will you get instead?

    It depends on what you want to do. You generally start with the type of software you want to run, and then pick the system that runs that software the best.
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    Microsoft Exec Confirms that the Surface Mini Was Real

    I would have loved a more portable, always on OneNote device.
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    Canadian Surface Book Launch a Disaster

    Well consider the bright spot is that you're spared the screen flickering/sound popping/misc. instability issues with the product and by the time it gets to Canada perhaps a firmware update will arrive.
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    Battery life has been very disappointing

    Just if you have Chrome installed - or if you have it running?
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    Surface Book Pen - New Functionality

    I read somewhere in a Microsoft support forum that they were working on making that functionality come back again, but that it wasn't there yet. Expect it in a future update.
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    Battery life has been very disappointing

    So far great battery life. I've got an i5. I would think there might be a difference between the i5 and i7.
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    Day 2 with SB - Uh Oh

    I will say that my machine (i5/256gb/8mb/dGPU) is stable enough to wait for the next update, now that I'm staying away from the Edge browser for most stuff. Otherwise, all I do is pretty much use Office, which seems to run fine.