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    Best way to carry Surface Pen?

    I second the suggestion to use two pen loops to avoid the flopping effect (you can buy them separately for $5.00 apiece). I prefer to attach mine at the bottom edge of the type cover, because I don't like the pen getting in the way when I flip the cover around and hold my Surface with both hands...
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    Poll Pen use cases?

    I'm kind of glad that Microsoft didn't include the pen with the Surface 3 (assuming that they would have bumped up the price had they done so) because I never had much use for it with my SP1 or my SP2. The only thing I thought it was good for was simulating a mouseover which I thought couldn't...
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    Intel Graphics Properties, MIA. ?

    No worries! The thing with unofficial drivers is that they work sometimes or on some machines but often aren't stable or reliable.
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    Intel Graphics Properties, MIA. ?

    I tried manually installing the 64-bit 4177 driver but my screen went haywire with it, so I had to switch back to the official driver. I'm hoping that Intel rolls out an official version with the control panel soon.
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    This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Thank you. Given how widespread the use of mouseover events in web design was before Windows 8 hit the market, I think the onus is on Microsoft to adjust to the landscape rather than expecting the landscape to adjust to Microsoft. The...
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    Has anyone figured out a reliable way to simulate a mouseover in Windows 8 using a touch gesture (i.e., without having to use the pen)? I'm on my third Surface (Surface Pro -> Surface Pro 2 -> Surface 3) and I've loved them all, but I'm a bit bewildered that Microsoft hasn't bothered to include...
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    July 16 WiFi Firmware Update

    Just installed it. It did NOT fix the 'Limited' WiFi issue for me.
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    **Surface 3 Battery Settings - Time Remaining**

    You can get the time estimates back by enabling Hyper-V. You'll lose connected standby, though (it will be replaced with hibernate).
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    SP3 woke up in folio case

    This is why I don't trust connected standby and would rather have the power button put the computer into hibernation mode.
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    Battery Life, More accurate reporting!!

    I'm not bothered at all by 35% brightness. Frankly, I find 100% brightness to be overkill for most uses.
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    Make the power button put the SP3 into hibernate? Also, problems with sleep mode...

    Is there a way to make hibernate appear in the close lid action menu and the power button action menu without enabling Hyper-V? I haven't been able to find one. Without Hyper-V, even if hibernate shows up in the power menu, it doesn't show up in the close lid action menu and the power button...
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    Make the power button put the SP3 into hibernate? Also, problems with sleep mode...

    Actually, in order to fully enable hibernate mode, you need to enable Hyper-V, which is disabled by default.
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    Make the power button put the SP3 into hibernate? Also, problems with sleep mode...

    Okay, I figured this out. To fully restore hibernate mode (so that it shows up in the power profiles advanced options under lid close actions and power button actions), you have to enable Hyper-V. To enable Hyper-V, search for "Turn Windows features on or off" from the charms bar. Click on that...
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    Microsoft Complete Coverage - worth it?

    I think it's worth it because accidental damage is covered (which AppleCare doesn't cover). Also, unlike a standard RMA, they replace it with a brand new one, not a refurbished model.
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    Make the power button put the SP3 into hibernate? Also, problems with sleep mode...

    Does anyone know how to make the power button put the SP3 into hibernate mode on both AC power and battery power? I can do it on AC power by booting into safe mode and changing the power settings there, but I don't see the battery power settings in safe mode, only the AC power settings. I don't...
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    Microsoft Complete - 2nd year + ADP

    I think you can get it within 45 days of buying your SP3. If you have a Microsoft Store near you, just go in there, show your receipt, and they'll sell it to you. If not, try calling the Microsoft support line.
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    Color problems after firmware update?

    I installed the firmware update released on Tuesday 12/10, and ever since then I've been having color issues, particularly in video playback. The attached screenshots illustrate the problem. In the first image, notice the pixelation at the top of the image and in the guy's jacket. In the second...
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    Incipio "capture" and "feather" cases for Surface

    Can the feather case be modded to allow folding back of the touch/type keyboard? I love the concept, but not being able to fold back the keyboard might be a dealbreaker for me...
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    Any word on the Power Cover?

    Just got my Surface Pro 2. I'm loving the improved battery life. In my mind, the real killer accessory is the Power Cover, since it would allow me to get an entire day of heavy usage out of a single charge. Has anyone heard anything about when it might drop? The dock is now out after having...