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  1. Tom Thomas

    99% not charging question

    I had the same problem but after awhile it was 97% and not charging............when it got to 93% and not charging I decided it was time to involve MS Support. They had me do a few things to try and solve it, even did a full recovery with no difference. MS sent me a new Surface Pro 3 and it has...
  2. Tom Thomas

    Do Not BUY SP3. You will be sorry

    I also have had excellent service from MS support. I had a problem with my battery not charging to 100%. They had me try a couple of things that didn't work and then suggested a refresh. I didn't want to do it at that time so they gave me a reference # and said if the problem persisted after the...
  3. Tom Thomas

    Surface Hub (pen control) available

    Works as described. Hopefully more functions are coming.
  4. Tom Thomas

    Surface Pro 3 Dock mini display port STILL not working

    This adaptor solved the problem for me Sorry just saw that you already tried this
  5. Tom Thomas

    Solved Mini Display Port on dock not working

    Solved the problem by getting a Accell Ultra UV active adaptor.
  6. Tom Thomas

    Solved Mini Display Port on dock not working

    I am using the SP3 Docking station with an Apple Mini Display Port to DVI adaptor, the surface pro scales down but nothing is shown on the second display. I can unplug the Mini Display adaptor from the Docking station and plug it into the SP3 directly and everything works correctly. Has anyone...