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  1. lonaysta

    Windows 10 recovery image for Surface Pro 3

    A user on Reddit shared this file (and I also downloaded myself from Microsoft alternatively, so I could verify that his file is legit). Since the forum administrator bans sharing a link, I'm not including the link to the post, so you can search for "Windows 10 Recovery Image for Surface Pro 3"...
  2. lonaysta

    Factory Restore Image - Windows 8.1 or Windows 10?

    Could you please ask the "other person" to share the Windows 10 based recovery image with us? I'd like to experiment on it (using it on a 8.1 preinstalled SP3, but with W10 activated/registerd to MSFT).
  3. lonaysta

    Windows 10 recovery image for Surface Pro 3

    Got double confirmation that users of SP3 with W10 preinstalled can download a newer version of recovery image with file name I think it should be Windows 10 based. But don't know how to get a copy of it..
  4. lonaysta

    Windows 10 recovery image for Surface Pro 3

    So, anyone recently purchased a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 preinstalled? What if - use that SP3's serial number and download recovery image file from Download a recovery image for Microsoft Surface Hope someone could share the file with the rest of us.
  5. lonaysta

    Recovery Disk/image 8.1

    So... Is there a way for me to download an image for different language? I may need to flash my Surface from US version to another region....
  6. lonaysta

    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Those vintage precious.... Anyway I'd appreciate if someone could give it a try. Honestly I see more bug reports on 10041's installation and initial experience. Besides, I believe Windows Blog recently posted something about the feature that recovery partition is no longer used in Windows 10 for...
  7. lonaysta

    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    A quick question: What if perform a factory reset after updating to 10041? Is it back to 9926, or become like a "clean installed" 10041?
  8. lonaysta

    Convince me that the Dock is worth the money

    I have one for my SP3 and one for my GF's. First one took me close to $200 and second one was a slick deal on eBay for less than $100, shipped and tax included...Surely a lot more convenient. I do like the pen magnetic.
  9. lonaysta

    Docking Station Problems

    Try some cleaning/reconnecting steps. If the problem still exists, ask Microsoft for a warranty service.....Neither of my two docking stations shows this kind of problem.
  10. lonaysta

    Office 365 Student Version

    Yeah. $79.99/4 years precisely.
  11. lonaysta

    Original charger vs Ebay 3rd party chargers

    I....personally won't risk the health of my battery to save 30-60 dollars...
  12. lonaysta

    Microsoft Wireless Diplay

    Mines gets very hot...And only works stable when: No Bluetooth device working the same time; And, Distance quite close; And, Plugged to AC power. Any of these voided will cause instability and disconnection....OMG!
  13. lonaysta

    Official Microsoft Miracast Adapter

    Did more test with it. All BT devices disconnected+AC Power Plugged+distance within 5 feet, I managed to play Iron Man 3 1080p on my TV with MWDA, casting from Surface Pro 3. If I turn on any Bluetooth device, or switch it to battery, or move it a little bit further (10 feet, no wall), the...
  14. lonaysta

    Official Microsoft Miracast Adapter

    Gonna describe the experience with this adapter here, and see if anyone can help improve the performance. Environment: 2x Surface Pro 3, HDMI+USB TV, 2 external monitors with HDMI. (So that's 3 screens that can show the image from Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, or MWDA). Distance between...
  15. lonaysta

    Microsoft Wireless Diplay

    Yeah GreyFox7 is right. Miracast uses a technology called "WiFi Direct", which is also used for some WiFi enabled cameras (to transfer files to phones). This does not need a router or Internet access to work. In fact this is a high light for selling Microsoft Wireless Display Adpater... My...
  16. lonaysta

    Microsoft Wireless Diplay

    I used PTV3000 for several days and now have MS wireless adapter. Umm I don't think the lag is less.....And in fact I really have no luck with all these Miracast devices....Always disconnects, no matter PTV3000 or this new one by Microsoft. Sigh...
  17. lonaysta

    October firmware update

    Unfortunately, you are right. Just checked, March 7th...
  18. lonaysta

    Official Microsoft Miracast Adapter

    Neither Fire TV Stick or Chromecast can mirror a Windows Desktop. Got this today, and wondering how I can switch to 5GHz channel. I've got many 2.4GHz devices here, both WiFi and Bluetooth. The official Metro App does not provide such an option...
  19. lonaysta

    Microsoft Complete Care Walk-In vs Dell Support

    So, @surface twitter account did help me I think. After the agent (a "supervisor", actually) ignored my emails for three days she started to reply. @surface also replied me "If she becomes irresponsive, you can always come back and let us know." So maybe the twitter account can push some...

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