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    BSODs after latest firmware update for Spectre/Meltdown

    Since the latest firmware update for Surface 3 PRO I am experiencing BSODs (green ones as I am Release Preview on FU). about 1-2x per day. The stop codes are different each time, as well as the driver which initiated it. I am guessing it is a faulty Spectre/Meltdown update, where Intel already...
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    Solved Screen flicker when using Surface 3 PRO on battery mode

    I have a fully patched and current Win10 (Release Preview) Surface 3 PRO. Recently I noticed an annoying screen flicker when using the device on battery (in idle). I downloaded and installed the latest Intel driver ( from and the issue with screen flicker was gone!!!! Just in...
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    Need Surface Pro 2017 Marvell drivers

    Any idea where to download the Marvell drivers (Wifi/BT) manually?