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    Any way around the "can't update bios unless battery is 40%

    Nahhh, I advertised it as new and never used with full warranty. ;);)o_Oo_O:):p:p
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    Any way around the "can't update bios unless battery is 40%

    For some weird reason, despite the battery not charging and showing "0% full" and the constant "40%" message I hit "retry" about 50 times in the "Windows Update" settings and eventually it updated. Then I sold the piece of junk on eBay "as-is" and bought a new Dell (outlet) XPS-13 for 1/2 the...
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    Any recommendation for Place to get SP4 battery replaced?

    Definitely ain't paying Micro$oft $489. DIY looks too difficult. Worse case I'll just sell it "as-is"
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    Any way around the "can't update bios unless battery is 40%

    My battery stopped charging months ago. Won't let me update bios because battery is "zero% - plugged in not charging." Tried every trick online to no avail to kick start it. If plugged in, why does battery matter anyway?
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    Help recovering from fully erased SSD

    Oh well. At least I have 1703. Anyway now I am in a catch 22. I can't update bios from Windows Update because battery is not above 40% (why does it matter, it's plugged in) but my battery stopped charging months ago and it will never be above 0%. Ready to dump this $1500 piece of crap on...
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    Help recovering from fully erased SSD

    Well, for whatever reason I can't boot off the USB and restore from it. I tried 3 different USB drives with the same results. What did happen is there seems to be a "hidden and protected" partition with recovery files on the computer that even I couldn't erase. :) While I wasn't able to get...
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    Help recovering from fully erased SSD

    Yea, been there done that. Problem is I have no drive to do that from because it was erased so I needed to make the boot drive on another PC. Did that but it won't boot in the SP4, Yes, the boot order is set for USB first.
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    Help recovering from fully erased SSD

    Don't ask .. I fully erased (using DISKPART) my drive on my SP4 - i5. It has no partitions on it. I forgot to first create a recovery USB. Can I create a recovery USB drive from a DIFFERENT PC? I know I CAN :) , but will it work since it's a different version of WIN 10 and different hardware...
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    Recovering from a fully erased SSD - HELP

    Sorry! Wrong forum!
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    SP4 i5 & Windows 1803 constant shutdowns.

    Immediately after installing 1803 update The SP4 just kept shutting down randomly every few minutes. Did a fresh install of 1803, same problem with nothing loaded. Just did an install from a Win10 Pro CD of original release 1507 and have had zero problems since. Unfortunately despite the...
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    SP4 Screen Flicker Replacement Program

    Well, I got screwed on this deal. They are telling me that when the service order code got entered it was entered as "DEAD SCREEN" not "FLICKERING SCREEN" and there is nothing they can do. Obviously at that time (May 2017) there was no option for "flickering screen." So I am totally ripped...
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    SP4 Screen Flicker Replacement Program

    I paid for it exactly 1 yr ago when SP was 1 month out of warranty. I have been fighting with their phone maze for the last hour and never get to the right department although I have no idea what that department should be. Their website says to "call cusatomer service" for a refund and...
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    SP4 Screen Flicker Replacement Program

    How the heck do you get through their phone maze to get to customer service?
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    SP4 Screen Flicker Replacement Program

    That's great. A year ago it cost me almost $500 for that issue.
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    Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover - New

    Geez, Had I not known better I would have thought it was a commercial for APPLE narrated by Johny Ive. It's just a keyboard! :D
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    Surface Pro 4 firmware/hardware updates 4/19/2016

    +1 Was going to wait but took the plunge and everything updated flawlessly. :) FWIW the device is in the SP3 dock with external mouse & an external USB drive. & fingerprint keyboard attached. i5 8GB
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    Surface4 cannot connect to Starbucks Wi-fi

    Could they possibly have reached the DHCP connection limit on their AP? You wouldn't get an IP so no internet. Did you try another hotspot elsewhere? If that worked it would seem the problem was SBX. If the place was a "sea of MACs" between the computers and cellphones and tablets anything is...
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    Surface Pro 4 - I feel ashamed for buying it.

    Isn't "ashamed" a bit melodramatic? :) Edit: Just to add I have had UAC disabled from the moment I took this out of the box and have no problems downloading or running any app from M-Store. As for PDF readers there are literally dozens of them, not sure why that is an issue.
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    My SP4 leather skin (back)

    Looks nice. Link (or PM) to seller?
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    Firmware Update

    Thanks! Steps 8-11 were the key.

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