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  1. ipaq_101

    Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover - New

    I'll get it if mine breaks, other than that it seems like a waste of dough. I already have my old SP3 keyboard, a SP4 keyboard, don't need to start collecting them.
  2. ipaq_101

    Official Windows 10 Insiders thread

    Anyone hear about this, looks amazing: Windows 10 Anniversary Update: All the features and changes coming later this summer
  3. ipaq_101

    New member, not sure which surface (or competitor) yet

    I have only used the pen on powerpoint and it just layers what I write on top of the slide. I don't think that using the pen to cross things out and write things will act as track changes, but in just layers in on top, not sure if that make sense. If you are editing long documents, I'd stick...
  4. ipaq_101

    Dead battery in SP3. Impossible to get it serviced by Microsoft

    Haha yea, I would have gladly paid $50 to get a new SP4, but you are right I am lucky that I didn't have to pay anything.
  5. ipaq_101

    Dead battery in SP3. Impossible to get it serviced by Microsoft

    I would say MS Complete is pretty awesome. I went into the MS store for a broken mini display port, it got pushed in (I use it a lot). They saw that I had MS complete and asked the stock room guy if they had a replacement SP3, they did not. So they said would you mind if we gave you a SP4 in the...
  6. ipaq_101

    Should I upgrade to SP4

    I broke the mini display port on my SP3 and went to te microsoft store and got a brand new SP4 in exhange, the MS Complete warranty is worth it. Also I have noticed that the SP4 is just more polished, my SP3 had so many issues, probably something a fresh install could/would have fixed, but...
  7. ipaq_101

    Trackpad Issues

    If Microsoft or Apple waited 100% to make sure that every bug was eradicated then we would still be on Windows 8.1 and the SP1. Products are released often with bugs and are later fixed via updates, this happens in all industries, automobiles, software, hardware, cellphones, etc. I have the...
  8. ipaq_101

    Is it worth buying the new SP4 type cover to use on my SP3?

    Yes, the difference between the keyboards are day and night, it actually feels like proper keyboard and the track pad is a massive improvement. Pay the $130 and do yourself a favor, buy it! The keyboard is much quieter as well, you can barely hear the keys being pressed.
  9. ipaq_101

    SP4 Pen on SP3. Anyone try it out?

    Just like how Apple should let you upgrade your iphone and ipad for free every 6 months too, right? MS is a business and technology has quick turnover and obsolescence, they won't be in business if they just let people get things for free. I love my SP3 and I didn't see a big enough reason to...
  10. ipaq_101

    Norton Identity Safe

    Why wouldn't it be? It's not hardware related, it's software.
  11. ipaq_101

    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    No coating or anything of the sort will get rid of fingerprints or smudges, save your money and use the old fashioned microfiber fiber cloth. I use smitty's glass wax, they claim it get's rid of finger prints, but it doesn't. What it does do well is to make it easier to wipe off the finger...
  12. ipaq_101

    MS tempered glass screen protector...shattered.

    Doesn't look like they have it for the SP3 yet according to their website, Yup, check out this guy's review:
  13. ipaq_101

    SP3 Malware?

    Use ADW Cleaner, this program gets malware that malwearebytes can't even find. It has saved me more than a few times after norton and malwarebytes failed to find a problem:
  14. ipaq_101

    MS tempered glass screen protector...shattered.

    I am not sure about the thickness, I will check the box when I get home. It's not even on Zagg's website, only at best buy:
  15. ipaq_101

    MS tempered glass screen protector...shattered.

    I have the zagg glass screen protector, and yes sometimes when I pull the SP3 out of the sleeve it's hot. I figured that the way I was putting the SP3 in the sleeve caused it to turn on whenever there was a bump, to solve it by adjusting the way I stored the unit in the sleeve. The screen...
  16. ipaq_101

    disappointed with paint finish

    That's why I bought stickerboy skins, don't need to worry about any scratches. See the second posting:
  17. ipaq_101

    Surface Pro Screen Protector - official, tempered glass

    To be honest they should sell them in a 10 pack for $3.99, it's absurd the amount of money they are spending on shipping 3 nibs at a time as a warranty exchange.
  18. ipaq_101

    Surface Pro Screen Protector - official, tempered glass

    I had it installed for me, no way would I try to do it myself for this large a screen.
  19. ipaq_101

    Surface Pro Screen Protector - official, tempered glass

    I take tons of notes twice a week for 3 hours and then numerous other notes when reading, the nib wear was easy to see. Before school I used the pen casually and I never noticed it.
  20. ipaq_101

    Surface Pro Screen Protector - official, tempered glass

    I had the Illumnishield screen protector and it's prett nice for a pack of 2 for $10, but once I started using it for school to take notes, the pen nib had wear after the first day. Now I have the Zagg glass screen protector and the pen works perfectly and after days of use no nib wear. It...

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