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  1. jnjroach

    My First Twelve Hours with the Duo

    The reviews have been brutal but the update has fixed most of the reported issues. The build is pretty stock Android and it works well with the apps I use. Overall I'm super happy with this device.
  2. jnjroach

    My First Twelve Hours with the Duo

    I've seen the reviews from the Technoarchy and they still want to compare it to a Note 20 Ultra or iPhone 11 but those of us who are advocating that isn't a phone are approaching it as phone capable but not phone primary. Personal Digital Assistant is closer. My use case is that I want it for...
  3. jnjroach

    Surface Duo Forum is live!

    My biggest issue with the reviews is that they are wanting to shoe-horn the DUO into a Flagship Phone (aka - iPhone 11 or Note 20 Ultra) and they are missing the point, they are also reviewing this as a B2C device and that is at best secondary for Panos and team. Those that recognize that this...
  4. jnjroach

    Cameras fail after upgrade to build 2004 Windows10

    You are experiencing an issue with your legacy Active Directory Domain Security Policies - you can try this: Open gpedit.msc Navigate to Policy > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Hello for Business Select Use Windows Hello for Business Select the disable option Click...
  5. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    I don't use it personally but it has an ARM version in the MS store so it should work well...
  6. jnjroach

    Some questions about the X? Software related.

    I replied to you other post...
  7. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    I've never used Wix so I signed up to see and yes, their editor works on the Chromium Edge Browser - And Your Phone on the SPX supports all of the functionality with my Note 10+
  8. jnjroach

    Surface Duo Forum is live!

    Mine is on order and will review as soon as I get it....
  9. jnjroach

    Cover key board only works in UEFI Bios mode.

    You can try this troubleshooting tool here Or you could do a full reset
  10. jnjroach

    Cover key board only works in UEFI Bios mode.

    Let's try a clean boot - Shutdown the computer completely by holding the power button down until it goes to a Command Prompt saying that the Computer Needs to shutdown, let go the power button at this point. Wait for it to shut off, then holding the Volume Rocker Up - Power back on, and then...
  11. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    I went the Surface Pro X, just confirm it will run everything you want to run as it is an ARM64 system and runs ARM/ARM64 apps great, but legacy Win32 Apps are limited to the 32bit version and runs emulation and running many can negatively impact battery life. If you use Office and Web Apps...
  12. jnjroach

    Why the different internet speeds?

    What WiFi system are you using? The SP7 has WiFi 6 and a newer Intel card so I would look for a firmware update for your router/AP... This is my Surface Pro X on my Netgear Orbi Mesh RB850 WiFi 6 enabled system.
  13. jnjroach

    New Surface pro 7 runs slow

    It looks like you are using ~80% of your RAM, have you done the Firmware Updates? Also, your network saturation is sitting at 40% which is high, looks like Skype is using 1.5Mbps sustained. Other culprits could be A/V or security suites.
  14. jnjroach

    Surface Book 3 - Microsoft Build Virtual Event Unboxing for Developers

    This is from MS Build Virtual Event on why the Surface Book 3 is the workstation for developers Also, he does a complete tear down into the components - interestedly enough we get info that the Screen on the device can last up to 5 hours on it's own. Disclaimer - I also know Frank and his...
  15. jnjroach

    Third-party pens?

    Most of the third-party pens use the older technology, but any n-trig should work
  16. jnjroach

    Charging with USB-C charger

    18W doesn't have the power to keep up, I would say 45W minimum, I use 60W personally
  17. jnjroach

    Surface Go 2 after Surface Pro X, should I switch?

    What version of Pro X do you have? If you have the 8GB version then the two should perform similar, so screen size should then be your deciding factor. The exception would be if you need x64 capability for an app, then move to the Go2. My Pro X replaced a Surface Go.
  18. jnjroach

    Connecting Mini Dv to Surface book2

    Does it have anything besides IEEE1394? Composit, HDMI or USB A? If so, you can try a capture card - Amazon caries them
  19. jnjroach

    Your Phone App: Ringtone and Call quality terrible on Surface Pro X?

    Like I said, I'm not seeing the issue you are, mine works fine...

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