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  1. sharpuser

    No password for Bios and need to reset Surface 3

    I'm a bit cloudy about your issue here. I suppose you have already visited here:
  2. sharpuser

    Replacement Screen

    Oh no. Call Microsoft. They will want you to ship your new computer to them.
  3. sharpuser

    Surface Pro 3 wont Power on. LED Turns off / on when pushing power button

    Interesting you say that. Both of my Surface Book 2 units are set to do NOTHING when I close the lid. I have never used Hibernate functionality, because it started out buggy with Windows 10. Maybe it still is.
  4. sharpuser

    Surface Pro 3 keeps rebooting on Shutdown

    Could be the firmware as you suggest. Any improvement since your post?
  5. sharpuser

    Surface Pro 3 wont Power on. LED Turns off / on when pushing power button

    You may have saved that machine, @bradlyJames . Yes, some failed updates may have been the problem. Probably not the updates themselves, but the sequence or conditions during the install.
  6. sharpuser

    Wireless problems - yet again

    I own two SB2s 15" 1TB units, and neither one of them has this issue. I wonder what AVASTAR controllers I have ...
  7. sharpuser

    Slow login after windows 2004 update

    Don’t roll back. The slow boot may be temporary, as Windows gets syncing in order, or it could be due to drivers or 3rd party programs which error out. Use Task Manager, detailed view, Startup tab to see what runs during boot up. Let us know ...
  8. sharpuser

    Surface Pro Studio 2 - Turn of Display Screen only

    @playfuljay, This is something that Windows 10 and Surface computers should provide, but still don't. There is an inexpensive software utility called NirCmd which you may wish to obtain. With one command, the screen can be turned off. Search for NirCmd.
  9. sharpuser

    win 10 home 256GB vs win 10 pro 128GB?

    I don't think your 128GB version would become slower with time. Did you make a choice yet?
  10. sharpuser

    Not compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 update yet?

    This is more than a GB-sized download. Scripts for subsequent installation on your computer are also being created. "Download" really means "download and install", as it is a process which decrypts and decompresses files for your hard drive, as well as scripting. Let us know how it works out!
  11. sharpuser

    Go 2 and Face Recognition

    Lighting situations may be the culprit. Have you been doing the Hello Face setup in the same place? If so, move it to someplace with natural light (indirect sunlight), which has the widest spectrum for the camera. Dim incandescent or fluorescent lighting may have been the problem for...
  12. sharpuser

    Surfacebook 3 SMB issue

    One thing you could do for now is search for "Windows Features", start that app, and enable all the SMB options.
  13. sharpuser

    Cover key board only works in UEFI Bios mode.

    Try a cold reboot, but hold down the Windows key on the keyboard. This worked on my SP3 about two years ago. Keyboard came to life (or was recognized).
  14. sharpuser

    Does anybody else have a hot Surface on the latest firmware?

    No problems on two Surface Book 2 units.
  15. sharpuser

    Battery problems. Anyone else have these?

    @pissssedoffsurfacebookuse , None of these behaviors is normal, or diagnostic of something that can be repaired. The only hope is that you have a bust in your firmware which may be out of sync between system devices.
  16. sharpuser

    Windows Hello not working

    Windows Hello would rather I not wear a mask.
  17. sharpuser

    no internet on wifi

    Make sure you are automatically obtaining an IP address for your nameserver and gateway, etc. See SP2017 i5 won't upload on home network
  18. sharpuser

    Surface PRO 4 Images

    Many ways. Here's one. 1. Visit 2. Search for "Surface Pro 4" 3. Click "Images" 4. Click "Filter" and choose "Extra Large" Right-click on images you like to download and save.

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