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    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    I use it daily with no issues - However, I do ensure that at the end of the day I turn it off (flatten it). - maybe they are using old batteries? I use rechargeable (eneloop) which seems to hold a long charge.
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    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    From what I understand, this version of the Arc mouse is NOT bluetooth (buried in the description is a note that it isn't bluetooth and requires a dongle). I bought the black surface edition (refurbished) and 'love' it. It fits perfect in the carrying case I have for the Surface and works on...
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    Micro SD card in SP4

    I have a 128 GIG Sandisk in mine and don't have issues -
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    Surface pro 3 i7 or surface pro 4 i5

    I went with the SP 4 8 Gig RAM and love it
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    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    I made the plunge and bought the SP4 i5 8/256 - (almost bought the book but decided on the SP4) - Thus, far - very nice machine. :D Any recommendations for a blue tooth mouse? I have a logitech M705 USB for my desktop and like it but it or similar sized versions are too large to carry around...
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    On the fence - used Surface Pro 3 or New 4

    I have looked at used which are close to $1k - Costco has the SP3 128/i5 on sale Friday, Nov 20 for 900 which includes keyboard and office 365 - The deal is just ok since Amazon sells the same item minus the keyboard for 809. The advantage for Costco is the extra warranty and return policy...
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    On the fence - used Surface Pro 3 or New 4

    That is one thought I had too - find a gently used pro 3 and buy the new keyboard. The pen on the 4 looks great -
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    On the fence - used Surface Pro 3 or New 4

    Has anyone that upgraded from the Surface Pro 3 to the 4 'regretted' it or the opposite? So thrilled you are glad you made the jump? Lightly used Surface Pro 3 - i7 - 8 gig RAM, keyboard, etc - I am seeing for less than $1k - This same price is what Costco and others (Black Friday Deals) are...
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    Hello debating between sp3 or sp4

    Long time Windows user with multiple laptops and home brewed machine. I am debating on a used i7 sp3 or new sp4 i5 I am on the road often and use both a laptop and iPad when on the road. However, the iPad never lived up to my expectations. Therefore my researching the surface pro. The main...

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