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    Dust Under Screen

    Noticed something when the screen was on... this piece of something that can't be cleaned away. Have rarely used my device since I got it on release day, and it's not a scratch. Looks like dust under the screen? It's obvious in the screen-on picture, and is the yellow looking thing on the...
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    Using the pen will leave traces on the LCD, normal? (SP3)

    I've noticed this too when pressing fairly hard due to the pen not being sensitive enough. A driver update is supposed to help, but I haven't tried it yet.
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    OFFICIAL I just got my SP3

    Whoop whoop! Got my 256 GB & Type Cover from BestBuy. The Sandisk 64 GB SDXC card fits great behind the kickstand. The screen is amazing compared to my SP2. Couldn't be happier so far!
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    Fastest way to get a SP3?

    BestBuy is working with me to have the manager sell it to me early Friday morning. Works out for me and would be paying the same at the MS Store anyway.
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    Fastest way to get a SP3?

    I'm facing a situation... I'm about to leave the country on the day of the official release. I REALLY want to get a SP3 instead of using my SP2 while I'm gone for a couple months. I have no idea if/how I'd be able to get one where I'm going... maybe using BestBuy through an APO/FPO, but I also...
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    My last two replacements followed this timeline: Received on a Thursday/Friday. Shipped back on Friday and received on Monday in Texas (overnight label was provided by care team), then it goes to Mexico. I got a call on Monday or Tuesday a week later to set up a new order.
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    I'm still dealing with this issue. I have received my 4th replacement device, all with some type of cosmetic defect that is beyond what I would deem acceptable. The charging port is bound to scratch, and I'm okay with that. But receiving units with scratches all around the ports and on the...
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    What keyboard do you use?

    Logitech K810 has been treating me pretty great. Got it for $50 too.
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    Well guess what. My second replacement had the SAME PROBLEM. Looked like total crap. The guy from the care team saw pictures and agreed it was BS that the service center is sending out devices like this. The process has been a total headache, because I have to send it to TX (took a few days the...
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    Surface Pro 2 Update firmware 20/01/2014 (GPU 70º)

    Is this the most you were able to get out of the system before it became unstable, or did you just tone it down very slightly? I just wonder if these are moderate values for people to use without worrying about system instability.
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    Sorry for the late reply. Been busy getting settled into school. The rep who I had been working with from the get-go agreed that this was unacceptable. She said most refurbs look brand new and customers aren't even aware they're refurbs. Since I chose the route of the advanced RMA (credit card...
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    I just got my express RMA replacement today (a week later... stupid weather delays) and it is clearly used. It is in worse shape than my defective, yet still functional, device. Would you guys put up with this crap? I really don't think it's fair and I'm going to complain when I receive my call...
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    Screen Hardware Failure/Anomaly?

    I went into BIOS this morning and it was doing it there as well. I waited about 5 minutes and the issue went away again. I've gone ahead and started the process to get a replacement. Definitely not something I want to deal with, and maybe I'll get lucky and receive one of the newer CPU models.
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    Surface Pro 2.5?

    Very slightly faster... that's about it. I'm not sure if the SP2 is capable of being overclocked, but if so, you could match the 4200U to the 4300U and they'd be the same. I'm not sure about the L2 cache being different... only one site is saying this, and others are not.
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    Screen Hardware Failure/Anomaly?

    Anybody? My device has started doing this again in much the same way. I tried making it disappear through running a game again, but this did not work. It made the issue less pronounced after a couple of minutes, but it is still there. I don't want to bother with a reset/refresh if this...
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    Worth it or not

    It depends heavily on your use. My SP2 is a 128, but it is not my main PC. It's going to be used for school, and my powerful desktop will be in my room. I can collaborate between the two easily, so most of my stuff is on my main PC. I have games loaded onto my SP2 (most of them on a portable...
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    Do I have a dud Surface? External USB drives keep disconnecting & reconnecting

    I have no issues using a WD My Passport Ultra 2 TB or any other USB device. I also use an Anker 4 port USB 3 hub (device powered) with my peripherals without a problem.
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    Screen Hardware Failure/Anomaly?

    I updated to the latest Intel drivers over the weekend and was playing a few games at work (BF4, BFBC2, CS:GO) and browsing the web. I typically do this on the built in display, but I used a DP>HDMI>DVI converter on a 1600x1050 monitor. I also use a BT keyboard, a USB hub with a portable HDD and...
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    Lenovo or Surface: Which do you recommend?

    I originally bought the Yoga 2 Pro and returned it for an SP2. In the end, I'd say I made the right choice. The Y2P does have a great display - but there is a caveat. It uses PenTile technology to achieve that resolution, meaning straight lines are impossible to achieve as the pixels are...
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    Surface Pro 2, All Images Being Dithered?

    Installing the driver from Intel's site fixed banding/color issues for me... referencing the link on the middle of the second page, I followed those instructions.

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