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    Dust Under Screen

    Noticed something when the screen was on... this piece of something that can't be cleaned away. Have rarely used my device since I got it on release day, and it's not a scratch. Looks like dust under the screen? It's obvious in the screen-on picture, and is the yellow looking thing on the...
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    Fastest way to get a SP3?

    I'm facing a situation... I'm about to leave the country on the day of the official release. I REALLY want to get a SP3 instead of using my SP2 while I'm gone for a couple months. I have no idea if/how I'd be able to get one where I'm going... maybe using BestBuy through an APO/FPO, but I also...
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    I just got my express RMA replacement today (a week later... stupid weather delays) and it is clearly used. It is in worse shape than my defective, yet still functional, device. Would you guys put up with this crap? I really don't think it's fair and I'm going to complain when I receive my call...
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    Screen Hardware Failure/Anomaly?

    I updated to the latest Intel drivers over the weekend and was playing a few games at work (BF4, BFBC2, CS:GO) and browsing the web. I typically do this on the built in display, but I used a DP>HDMI>DVI converter on a 1600x1050 monitor. I also use a BT keyboard, a USB hub with a portable HDD and...
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    Turn display off when using external?

    I plan on using my SP2 to play movies via DP>HDMI on a TV every now and then... in a desire to preserve battery life, is there any way to turn off the SP2's display while still playing the movie on the other screen? I've never been faced with this before as I don't use portable devices like this...
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    Color Accuracy?

    Hey guys, been enjoying my SP2 but I am kind of concerned with the colors. I compared it to my Catleap monitor which is IPS, and a Yoga 2 Pro (while I had it). The colors on both of those devices seemed to match nearly perfect, but the SP2 seemed washed out... Take a look:

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