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    Anniversary Update on Surface 3 - Y / N ?

    Very pleased.
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    SP3 Running Wonderfully with 10 Anniversary Update and Ad Block Plus

    Wasn't a fan of what W10 did to my 8.1 SP3 tablet, but this is definitely an upgrade from both 8.1 and previous W10. Morning browsing with edge took half the time, it took before the upgrade. Chose Ad Block Plus over Ad Block because of slightly better reviews. Can't say AB+ is better, but it...
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    Edge does not recover keyboard screen space

    Had this issue for a month or so. After using the on screen keyboard, and dismissing it, the space where the keyboard was remains white. The only thing I've found that recovers the space when it happens is to Restart the tablet. This happens once a day or so. It does happen when I bring up...
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    SP3 Win10 Edge Tablet Performance Post (moved by Mod) RESOLVED

    Posted my SP3 TABLET issues, especially Edge speed. Comparing the speed of my i5 128/4 Win 10 SP3 to a Z 3795 Win 8.1 Atom tablet got the post moved to the Lenovo thread. I looked at Edge History, for some reason, and discovered I had NO HISTORY. A little searching found the problem and a...
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    My 8.1 Lenovo Atom is a blazingly better TABLET than my 10 SP 3 i5

    This was a SP 3 Win 10 Discussion, not a Lenovo one. Please return it or place it in th Win 10 one. Thanks.
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    My 8.1 Lenovo Atom is a blazingly better TABLET than my 10 SP 3 i5

    Caveat: This is not a discussion of desktop, laptop or Surface-with-keyboard-and-mouse, which is clearly superior to Vista/XP/7 and 8 school and business use. Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 128/4 W8.1 64 Pro (more or less the same as a Surface3) vs Windows 10 SP3 i5 same 128/4 plus SSD. Takes 8...
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    Wifi limited connectivity

    It sees the networks, remembers them, but loses the passwords?
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    Wifi limited connectivity

    I am convinced it is a Electro-Magnetic Compatibility/Interference problem with the Marvell wifi bluetooth device. I fought it for years on 2 SP1s, a S2s, and 3 SP3s. Went through many mice, and upgraded/ replaced my wifi router/network several times. Spent a lot of money. Installed an...
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    So...has the SP3 replaced your laptop?

    LOOKS like responders aren't using on laps with the keyboard. (Hey, tablet configuration removes a whole lot of need for a keyboard on the couch.) I searched the responses. Only 2 specifically mentioned using on laps. Of those, one liked it and one didn't. Doesn't mean that it isn't...
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    For those who are having WLAN Issues - (Possible Fix - Tested for the last 48 hours)

    The official Dilbert website with Scott Adams' color comic strips, animation, mashups and more! (Went through this (6 month) period on the Surface Pro 1 - waiting for Avastar Marvell WiFi to work right before driving 2 hours to get a SP3.)
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    a more decent keyboard is ncessary?

    beq, Thanks for the grifiti hint. It arrived today and, My Surface Pro 1 in a Maroo case, it is giving at least as good a laptop experience ON MY LAP, as any laptop computer I have had. It is better really, because it is more comfortable and a nice heat shield, while lighter... Wish the SP1...
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    Setting up Skydrive on SP1 before getting SP3 Plan/Questions

    Went to Microsoft online help and got answers for moving documents to Skydrive, prior to retiring the Surface Pro 1 to the desk and getting and setting up a new Surface Pro 3, summarized below: 1. Don't move "My Documents" as recommended by at least 2 articles, Move the folders and files in My...
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    what's a Tablet , Laptop , Ultrabook ?

    Called it a tablet in 86: Inside a Classic: The TRS-80 Model 100 | PCWorld but it was "lapable" (you could use it on your lap) so I guess it was a "laptop". We used them for Internet access and management on the road. Lot more portable than an Osborne: Osborne 1 computer but it wasn't...
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    Setting up Skydrive on SP1 before getting SP3 Plan/Questions

    When I got my SP1 the wifi was so unreliable I couldn't use Skydrive. Early experiences were extremely rough and I couldn't figure how to make stuff available offline without keeping 2 copies, so I kept my stuff on the SP1's SSD. That has changed (somewhat - I've still got the worst cable...
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    a more decent keyboard is ncessary?

    Drolem, I think that if you type at desks and conference tables, there is no problem. The SP3 has been changed to make it more "lapable" but my experience at the store did not seem so. They sat me down on a stool to try it. Sitting on the (backless) stool, with the keyboard magneted up on...
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    a more decent keyboard is ncessary?

    Thanks BEQ, Ordered the Grifti for my SP1. Neoprene covered AL slate looks like the right idea for "lapping" the SP type covers. If it works, it will remove my only issue with getting the SP3. $16 is cheap for a solution. I see there are bigger ones.
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    a more decent keyboard is ncessary?

    Should be able to take the internals of the power cover and make a "slot docker" out of it. They know how to do hinges now, so if they hinged the cover's connector, they could get multiple angles out of it (lack of multiple angles is the predominant complaint about slot docking keyboards). Or...
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    OFFICIAL I pre-ordered my Surface Pro 3

    Saul, I am in the US. The visit to the MS Store was strange. There were a fair number of idle associates at the entrance waiting. I got the impression they were not trained. For instance none of them appeared aware of the "lapability" issue/feature, and they contradicted each other several...
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    OFFICIAL I pre-ordered my Surface Pro 3

    Saul, Type Marvell in the search box above. BTW my Marvell adapter/driver failed yesterday and I had to do a system restore, losing all my logins and Start Menu changes. Also, I went to my MS store (2 hour drive) yesterday, and the SP3 is a beautiful piece of equipment. They had no...
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    Triple the WIFI Performance?

    Seriously. House has some aspects, of a Faraday Cage. Wife's décor desires have impact too, but the SP1 with that wonderful Marvell chip as initially delivered could not keep a connection 2 years ago, in places everything else could. Microsoft did a LOT of software engineering to improve it...

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