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    Windows 10 pictures app

    am I doing something wrong, when I had windows 8 I had the photos app that displayed all my picture folders however in windows 10 for some reason they don't want to appear just shows camera roll and pictures taken in a certain date, I have selected the folder that they are all in but they still...
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    Surface pro 3 background image

    does anyone know where I can find a copy of the desktop background image as seen on the surface pro advert or does anyone have a copy
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    Onenote Mathematics Tab

    Hi can anyone help I'm trying to download the Mathematics add on tab for one note but I keep getting this message and I don not understand what it means.
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    Surface 3 pricing

    i am wandering if pc world have made an error with their prices for the new surface 3. The 64gb is priced at £419 the 128gb is priced as a bundle at £529 including a keyboard making the unit £499 and the keyboard £30 instead of £109. If it's right that's a good deal but there is no bundle for...
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    Quick note on surface pro 3

    Not sure if this has been asked or whether it can be done but on the surface pro 3 when you click the pen to open one note for quick not taking the thickness of writing is thin, however when using one note normally you can change the colour or thickness, my question is for quick note taking can...
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    UK launch of Surface Pro 3 soon

    With less than two weeks before us Brits finally get out hands on the new Surface Pro 3 if would appear that the price war has started, not only can we already pre order from Microsoft at normal price but you can now pre order from Currys or Pc World and qualify for a £100 cash back paid in to...
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    Upgrade to Surface Pro 3

    Hi everyone, I have a question that I do not know the answer to, I have an original Surface RT and as soon as the Surface Pro 3 is launched in the UK on the 28 August I will be upgrading, however my question is as soon as a log in to the new machine with my windows id I know that all my tiles...
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    Which surface pro 3 do I get confused

    Hi guys i need help, I am looking to upgrade my original surface rt to a new pro 3 but I don't know what the differences are between an i3 i5 or i7, which one is going to do what I need it to as the prices drastically increase for the uk market, Is it worth having a 64gb and then adding a...

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