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  1. leeshor

    win10 update

    Welcome to the forum. Thread moved to Windows 10 on SP2 Have you tried a restart yet?
  2. leeshor

    Windows 10 upgrade or stay at Windows 8.1?

    You upgraded once, you don't have that 4 day limit once activated on 10. You can pretty much wait all you want and it will still activate. With that said, and the big update coming on the 2nd I'd go for it anyway.
  3. leeshor

    Dock audio problem since last update

    Welcome to the forum I noticed you said converter. If you are not using just a cable but needing to use an adapter your problem should get corrected if you use an active rather than passive one. This may help. What is the difference between a passive and active DisplayPort converter? | FAQ |...
  4. leeshor

    Solved Windows Live Mail and Surface

    You can use Outlook in the cloud for free @
  5. leeshor

    Surface Pro 4 Charger not working

    Welcome to the forum You have a couple options: Go to a Microsoft Store if you can and they may swap it. Call Microsoft and try to get them to send you a replacement. If under warranty they should. Get on Amazon and order a new one.
  6. leeshor

    Jumping off the edge

    Moved to the Edge forum
  7. leeshor

    Selecting text Chrome & Firefox

    Moved from SP4 to Windows 10.
  8. leeshor

    Pokemon Go Prototype on HoloLens Brings the Addiction to Life

    Is this all crazy, or what? lol
  9. leeshor

    Solved Windows Live Mail and Surface

    The most important thing at the moment is to remember that Live Mail is being deprecated. You need to move to It will recognize the same login.
  10. leeshor

    Fight mode icon won't change

    Your flight mode issue is a known bug in Windows 10 and even appears on desktops that don't have WiFi. I'm not certain I completely understand the second issue. Is Edge still coming up as the default browser and you're trying to make Google the default search engine? If so there are some hacks...
  11. leeshor

    Windows 10 Won't keep time

    Is the offset for DST checked or not? Are you in an area that doesn't follow the rest in the time change. If it's off by exactly an hour it must be in there somewhere.
  12. leeshor

    Battery life survey

    I know it's on the forum somewhere, just can't pin it down and it's been a while since I used it since I don't use Edge. I'm pretty sure it was posted by jnjroach.
  13. leeshor

    Battery life survey

    I have the i5/8/128 and get no less than 5 hours. I don't and likely won't use Edge anytime soon but if you like it, use the registry hack and a host file. I use Firefox with Adblock Plus. I also don't use the adaptive brightness. In my opinion those 2 items alone would make a big difference. I...
  14. leeshor

    Windows 10 Won't keep time

    First thought, is the time zone correct?
  15. leeshor

    Problems with updating and Microsoft Dock

    This is my personal opinion but based on 26 years of owning my own computer company so it comes from experience. Never shutting down, or at least restarting is not a good idea. I have one customer who calls me pretty much every 90 days or so with some sort of problem in his system. The first...
  16. leeshor

    Solved Post Update- Start button not working- Turns blue

    Fabulous. I was determined after the first go around that it wouldn't get me twice. That solution is pretty buried unless you include the word registry in your search. Who would have known?
  17. leeshor

    Solved Post Update- Start button not working- Turns blue

    I had this happen on a desktop system and tried 6 or 7 suggested fixes, I ended up restoring from a backup image. The second time I had this happen, different desktop, this registry hack fixed it. [FIX] Start Button Not Working In Windows 10
  18. leeshor

    Battery Drain While Plugged in

    Let's not start calling out other members. Both of you.
  19. leeshor

    New folder in the programs folder

    It appears to be a Microsoft file and part of MSDN. Looks safe to me.

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