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    How can I send in my Surface Pro 3 for repair or replacement?

    Normally if you go further from the steps that tell you to install the diagnostic toolkit (which is obviously impossible in your case) you can continue to the option to send it in. However, a Surface Pro 3.... Wouldn't it be almost as cheap, if not cheaper, to buy a second hand Surface Pro 4 or...
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    Cover keyboard issue (disconnecting)

    No, doesn't ring a bell for me. Using SP 2017
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    Which camera with Teams?

    Ah ok, like that. I thought you were one of those people that always turns of cameras in meetings. In the meetings I have it is getting more annoying.
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    Which camera with Teams?

    These are weird times. Just enable your camera. If you're in a face to face meeting you're not going to stare out the window as well.
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    LinkedIn tile in Windows 10

    It still works... there is just no Windows 10 app anymore
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    Which camera with Teams?

    Why do you turn off your camera? What do you mean with lid closed? Type cover over it? Yes of course the camera doesn't see anything
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    Microsoft Surface Book 2 - Hinge cracking noise

    I don't have a Surface Book, but I've had quite a lot of Surface 3 and Surface Pro devices....all from customer support and I can tell you, that you will never get a new one. It will always be a refurbished device. If you have the same issue with 3 out of 3 devices, I would look for something...
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    Surface Pro 6 Battery 0% available (plugged in)

    You at least HAD a store at some point.... Here in the Netherlands we only have phone support. The one consistent thing of the phone support is that it is always inconsistent!
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    Surface Pro 6 Battery 0% available (plugged in)

    I would contact Microsoft and ask them what a battery replacement would cost. And ask if it is not covered by warranty
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    Surface App not connecting to pen

    Long time ago, but did you ever get this fixed?
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    Another SurfacePro screen bulge?

    I believe this is where I started: or here: Sign in to your Microsoft account You'll have to select your device and then fiddle around with the options until you get the possibility to send in the device.
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    Windows Hello not working

    I have it too at times. I have the idea it has to do with the fact that I have two accounts
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    Screen Separating

    On Reddit there is a guy replacing Surface Book's batteries
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    Screen Separating

    Still.... even if a device is 4 years old.... could be really a pity (to put it mildly)
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    Screen Separating

    This happened to SP4 devices mostly. Your battery is most likely swollen. You shouldn't use it anymore
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    Not compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 update yet?

    I've been at a client where they decided to always use the previous version of software. So, while the whole world was on Windows 7, they were still on Windows Vista. (Never had issues with Vista by the way)
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    Not compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 update yet?

    Did the update on my SP 2017. So, shouldn't be an issue for yours
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    Weird stain on Surface's screen

    You are most welcome. That is what this forum is for! I am sorry this has happened to you. What type of protection case do you use? The type cover? I did use a laptop bag with padding and everything. I am not sure if it will help at all. It is something I saw on Apple forums. The thing is: I...
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    Weird stain on Surface's screen

    Looks like this: Surface Pro 2017 Advanced LTE: Prevent light bleed spots in the middle of the screen I will try to answer your questions: 1: Pressure on the LED panel. Either pressure on the screen or pressure on the back. Most likely even pressure that is evenly spread causes internals to...
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    Facebook App no longer available. Edge Chromium and Facebook Beta website replacing the app?

    Great! Still there is a lot of work for Microsoft to do. For example: speech to text doesn't work for Dutch. I can really use features like this when in a traffic jam. Then I am able to speak to my Surface Pro and that way dictate E-mails, chat messages or whatsoever, but I would not be able to...

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