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    Alcantara Worn

    Mine looks pretty clean, no dark spots, without having it evere cleanded, after 8 months. Maybe your skin is oily or sweaty, I don't intend it in a bad way. My brother has normal skin, but sweaty. Any controller/keyboard/mouse he uses gets dirty fast, residue composed out of his sweat and dust...
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    Surface Laptop Clipping/Distortion while playing acoustic Tracks

    Got my new exchanged Surface Laptop, it has less light bleed and no crackling issues at all, unlike the previous one. All I can recommend is to test your new device with piano sounds, playing high pitched sound seems to be a good way for noticing if something is wrong, with speakers in general...
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    Surface Laptop Clipping/Distortion while playing acoustic Tracks

    It's the basic configuration of the Surface Laptop. Holding it in diffrent positions didn't help, guess I am returning it and they will agree on the issue. I could get the this crackling/clipping/distortion with some other songs like Adele - Skyfall or Coldplay - Sky Full of stars. I didn't...
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    Surface Laptop Clipping/Distortion while playing acoustic Tracks

    Hello everyone, I'm hearing obvious distortion noises coming from the right speaker, not always, but very often while listening to acoustic tracks with pianos playing. Also more often with lower audio quality with 360p video. As an example if you listen to any piano tracks by Yiruma. If I turn...
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    So, you want a proper sound EQ ? how about the official dolby one!

    Sorry for reviving this thread, but it's still up to date. I tried to do it as OP described for the Surface Laptop which has Dolby as well, with the Driver Version 8237, but at the point where I install DolbyDigitalPlusAA.exe, its gives an error saying "Dolby Digital Plus needs to be installed"...

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