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    Warranty differences for SP4 ?

    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the closest physical MS store is in Minneapolis. I'm wondering if anyone has comments on whether there is significant difference between the Best Buy and Microsoft warranties. In my case, all BB stores are sold out and I can order either through BB or from the MS...
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    Win 10 ISO download md5 checksum

    Does anyone have the correct md5 or sha1 checksum for an Win 10 ver 1511 ISO downloaded from Microsoft ?? Win 10, both x86 and x64 saved as iso using the media creation tool. It takes me over 10 hours to download the ISO. On my first download it took 3 tries before I finally got a successful...
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    Need recommendation for Map app - Surface RT

    Can someone recommend a world map app for the RT that works OFFLINE (no wifi) with sufficient detail that shows major roads and cities/towns. I'm looking for something similar to what the iPad has as a standard app. thanks Ron...
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    Printing to a shared printer

    I have a Brother HL-2030 printer connected to a Win 7 desktop computer. The printer is set as shared. I can print to the printer from other computers. Plugging the printer into the Surface usb port works ok ... the printer prints. Brother confirms that the RT core has the proper driver...
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    Photo Viewer App Please

    Can anyone suggest a good photo viewer app that does the following: 1) Open RAW (Canon and Sony) files as well as jpg 2) Display the file name (with extension) 3) allow for selection of folders that contain photos 4) Slide show would be a bonus 5) Free would be nice but I am willing to look at...

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