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    WTS: Surface 3 in Mint Condition

    I am selling my 10 month old 4/128 Surface 3, with the blue type cover. It is in like new condition and hasn't been used much at all. It includes everything it came with including original boxes. Asking for $425 shipped but will consider other offers. PayPal only please. Please PM me if...
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    I got this screen Saturday and after repeated attempts to close it, I was finally able to using the Task Manager. The device worked as usual but opening the internet kept bringing this screen up. It finally cleared and (knock on wood) hasn't appeared since then. I ran the full scan with...
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    Facebook option missing from Notification Menu

    Hello all, All of a sudden, my Facebook option is missing from the Notification settings. What happened? Please help. Thanks much :)
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    Switch to tablet mode notification

    Hello all, My Switch to tablet mode question, notification keeps popping in and out while I have the keyboard attached and in the desktop mode Any 0ne else face this? Something I am doing wrong? Please help, Thanks very much.
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    One Note Question

    To all that have upgraded, does One Note work properly on 10 for you? I don't mean with the pen but with the keyboard in the desktop mode.
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    Facebook App

    PS:Hello all, my Facebook app was crashing so I un installed it and now the Store says that the app is not available. What's going on? Please help. Thanks much PS: The app was back in the Store about 2 hours later, very weird but at least I have it back.
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    Surface 3 charging question

    Is the charging light in the cord supposed to stay on even after the device is 100% charged? Mine does and I couldn't find any information on it. Thanks for your help.
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    Surface 3 2 gb vs 4 gb RAM

    Hello guys need help. I got my 2/64 on Monday and am very happy with it. Now I am thinking maybe I should spend the extra $100 and get the 4/128, mostly for the RAM. I don't really need the extra storage. So any thought? Thanks much :)
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    Hello new Surface 3 owner

    I just purchased my 2gb/64gb with the black keyboard. I tried the Asus 200, T101, Joga 2, Miix 3 before the S3, I think I finally found my perfect device. :) I kept the Yoga 2 the longest, in fact I still have it and will be returning it shortly, I do run the risk of BB locking their doors...

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