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    Odd SP6 upgrade "option" + dock question

    According to Microsoft's website, the "i7 upgrade" gets you "UHD graphics". I assume this is falsehood? As all should have HD620 graphics correct? Any way to check detailed specs comparison side by side? I don't see any on microsoft's website. Second: I just sold my SP3 and am thinking...
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    heads up. wont last long. SP3 dock at amazon for $110 (free SSS/Prime) edit: keeps going in and out of stock. this link shows all sellers, keep refreshing
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    Windows 10 has a built-in keylogger, and allows your facebook 'friends' access to your wifi.

    ...among other things, like having ads on the start menu, having no option to turn off sending your data to MS, and no way to turn off automatic updates. I just found this now. If some of this is not the whole story, then I'd be interested in hearing about it/discussion (not trying to be a scare...
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    i3 Surface Pro 3 vs 4GB Surface 3

    How close do you think these will be in performance? I love my SP3 but if I could get away with better battery life, more storage space, and similar performance it might be a good trade for me. The screen real estate will be one thing I'd not like to lose though.

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