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  1. kojack

    Anyone know of any 2020 pro x reviews out there?

    I am wondering how the new pro x runs compared to the previous edition. I am anxiously awaiting this. I am getting ready to move my ipad to my son, and pick up a new Pro X for me.
  2. kojack

    Cracked Glass

    They need to build version 2 out of aluminum. Stay with the surface design all the way. Glass on the back of devices is NOT good, just use aluminum or good quality polycarbonate like my 1020 was made out of. That was tuff as nails and felt premium.
  3. kojack

    Smartwatch Recommendation?

    Ticwatch and amazifit are two very nice options. As are most any of the wearOS based watches.
  4. kojack

    New pro X incoming.

    Well we know it's now coming in a platinum color, with a new SQ2 chip. I like the lighter color for some reason. I am getting one of these to replace my 5th gen Ipad ASAP. Apple is getting really stale with me lately. Just need something more than icons as an OS. I love using my Dell 2 in...
  5. kojack

    Samsung phone and Pro X users. How's your phone working?

    OK. Good to know. I am trying to get apple like functionality from my windows devices.
  6. kojack

    Samsung phone and Pro X users. How's your phone working?

    I am very interested in this combo. Since samsung phones now have full integration with windows 10, how is it working on the Pro X? I think it would be the ideal combo since having android apps working on screen on the X should be a decent situation.
  7. kojack

    New pro X incoming.

    It's better than what is offered now. From what I have been reading, it should, and I quote "SHOULD" run all x64 software in emulation. But agreed, how well is still up in the air.
  8. kojack

    Good news for Surface Pro X owners

    That will not happen. It would be awesome to have More MS based hardware devices, but not a chance on them using their own chips.
  9. kojack

    New pro X incoming.

    I just read that MS is releasing an updated Pro X with X64 emulation layer included. This is awesome news and I am glad I waited. Hopfully, They will keep the replaceable SSD slot. A quick question what size is the SSD I would want to buy a larger capacity one and install it.
  10. kojack

    Surface Book 3 - Microsoft Build Virtual Event Unboxing for Developers

    Just found this now, I will have to watch in a bit. I love the surface lineup and never should have sold my trusty Surface 3 for a crappy macbook.
  11. kojack

    Good news for Surface Pro X owners

    Intel will always be around. Arm is just another way of doing things as well. Just like when smartphones came out, or more so, tablets. Everyone said tablets would ruin notebook sales, However, this past quarter, Notebook sales increased compared to previous years. Why? Notebooks provide a...
  12. kojack

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    There it is. I knew it was there somewhere. Thanks a million. You have been an awesome help.
  13. kojack

    Official I received my Surface Book

    Good to hear. I am soon moving to a 15" surface book 3 for my main device for my businesses, and a surface pro X for on the road. I will be retiring my ipad and iphone, and using my samsung tab A 8 and a new Samsung A71 for my mobile connectivity devices. I am done with apple. They are the...
  14. kojack

    Good news for Surface Pro X owners

    We will see what Microsoft does with software from here on out. I am going to try the Pro X very soon and move my ipad to my wife or sell it and get her an X too.
  15. kojack

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    Thanks again, I could not see where it stated if it were arm or not. I can remember seeing it in the store on different apps etc previously, but could not find it there.
  16. kojack

    Go Micro-SD Capacity Limit?

    I have a 256gb sd in my samsung tab A 8 and its about 230 gb usable. That's normal. I use mine to store mapping on for my overland rig.
  17. kojack

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    Hat to be a PITA, Do you use Polarr on it as well?
  18. kojack

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    PERFECT. That makes my choice much easier now. I don't mind not being able to do my clothing line on the x but being able to take care of my clients websites, and mine is a huge deal for when we are on the road travelling. I think I see a new Pro X in my future. Thanks.
  19. kojack

    Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X ?

    Jnjroach, Can you develop on wix using the X? I know using edge on my ipad and samsung android tablet I cannot edit sites using wix. Also, will all features of your phone using samsung phones work on the X?
  20. kojack

    Some questions about the X? Software related.

    Hi, I am looking at getting an X for when we are on the road. Will all features of "your phone" work with the X and samsung phones? Is the version of edge the same as my version on my dell? I need to be able to edit and create on wix from my tablet while on the road. Also, I guess polarr...

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