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    Surface 3 finally dead!

    I was interstate and watching some videos when I noticed that my Surface 3 had become detached from the bottom of the frame. It was also pointed out that the whole screen had bulged outward, but the Surface still operated. I was able to transfer all files back to my laptop and will use that...
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    Surface 3 and Facebook.

    Having recently created a Facebook account, I have found that the longer one has Facebook open, the worse the performance of the S3 gets. For example, I can be scrolling through FB when slowly, each page takes longer to open. Then a video wont play, or it stops the browser (Firefox) from...
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    Online storage - MEGA

    I have tried One Note, OneDrive, Google Drive, and any other online free online storage facility, but settled for MEGA as not only does it give the user 50GB of free storage, but as I store photos, I can keep them at a quality that allows me to have unlimited storage, and still be able to view...
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    S3 v HP X2 Envy

    For those who don't know, the HP X2 Envy is a two-in-one laptop come tablet. I used to own one (my wife now has it), and both are plagued with random lock-ups, but the HP goes to a BSOD and a message why it froze. It goes on to advise that it is gathering the necessary info, then will restart...

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