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    Wi-Fi issues related to movement and USB 3.0!

    Hi! I have posted about the same issues a couple months ago. After that i have gotten two new warranty replacements, and i am getting sick of this. I have made a video illustrating the problem, and i hope someone can help, identify or report the same issues.
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    This might be the very last Surface i own (and i'll return it)

    I am sick of the issues... This is my fourth SP4 i have had since January. The first one i got got bluescreens all over the place so i returned it. The second one worked fine for a while but suddenly got bad connectivity issues. I returned it The third one had the exact same connectivity...
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    USB 3.0 kills my internet

    Whenever i plug in a usb 3.0 device my internet speed goes to 0. USB 2.0 goes fine though. Is this a hardware issue or is it software?
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    Massive WiFi issues

    Hi, and sorry for the long post, but it would be really helpful if you read and possibly reply. I just got a new SP4 off warranty since the last one had massive WiFi issues. It would suddenly disconnect form the WiFi-card. Like the whole device was unable to connect to anything, and when it was...
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    Connected standby SP4

    Hi! My SP4 is not able to enter so called Connected Standby. Is this actually not possible on SP4 or is it just mine?
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    Fullscreen trouble

    Hi! The issue have been with me since i got my SP4 in January, but i haven't bothered to think about it too much. The problem is that sometimes when i exit fullscreen in e.g. Youtube my Edge browser window isn't maximized anymore. It isn't even on the same place on the page as i were when i...
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    Bunch of new Intel updates 5/10

    Anyone else got a bunch of updates from Intel? Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) CSI2 Host Controller. Intel driver update for Intel(R) AVStream Camera 2500. Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Control Logic. Intel Corporation driver update for Microsoft Camera Front. Intel...
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    Pops out of sleep when (dis)connecting the charger

    I have experienced that my SP4 pops out of sleep mode when (dis)connecting the charger. Therefore i have to be careful to (dis)connect my charger before i put it to sleep. Is this a known issue, or is it a flaw with my device?
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    Remote control WP with Surface?

    Does anyone know if there is possible to remote control my Windows Phone with my Surface. Duplicate the phone's screen to my Surface and use my surface as a phone.
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    Clean the TypeCover 4

    Hi! I was wondering if there is an easy way to clean the TypeCover 4 for dust. If not there is an easy way, a discussion on how to do it would be interesting. Is it, for example, possible to detatch the keys? Vacuum cleaner?
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    Issues post 17/02 update

    I experinced it occasionally before, but it happens a lot more often now. Sometimes when wathcing a video of some sort, the SP4 freezes when i try to do something else (e.g. go out of fullscreen, press any button). I also have problems with sleep, that i didn't have previously. My unit doesnt...
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    Windows Hello-camera not activating

    Hi Sometimes when i wake up my SP4 from sleep, it is unable to activate the Windows Hello-camera. I try to put it back into sleep and wake it again, but still unable to activate it. It ends up with me writing in my PIN instead. Is this something that you have experienced as well?
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    Solved Black screen when trying to wake from sleep

    Hi! I have had issues with thi on the current device and also the previous one that i returned to Microsoft. It seems to happen especially when i put my Surface to sleep by closing my type cover. When pressing the power button before closing the issue almost never occurs. Anyone experiencing...
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    Annoying volume bar

    One thing that has annoyed me in the Windows 10 UI, is the volume bar that shows up when changing volume, or resuming/pusing music. It covers up so much of the screen, takes forever to disappear, and reappears if i pass my mouse over it before it has disappear completely. This annoys me, and...
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    Hi! I recently got a BSOD which said PDC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. This was right after i opened the cover of my Surface, and the back of it was really hot. It had been in sleep for about 30 minutes. I got logged in, but it didnt respond to touch. I had no time to test for keyboard and mouse...
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    Solved USB-port keeps disconnecting

    Hi! I have already gotten a new SP4 off warranty, and I have been experiencing that my USB-port keeps disconnecting and reconnecting infinitely when charging my phone. Is this a hardware failure or has it something to do with recent updates?

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