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  1. Mastiff

    Does anybody else have a hot Surface on the latest firmware?

    After the firmware update a few days ago it seems like the fan on my SP7 is running almost all the time, at high speed. And the device is far too hot for the 10-18 % CPU I'm using. It's not even hot, June was a lot hoter here in Norway, so that's not the problem.
  2. Mastiff

    Incredibly slow SSD performance

    I have a problem here. When I save a file to the SSD (even a small file, like a Word document), it can take 10 seconds! The program I'm saving in, locks up, and only works again when the save is done. And a few times today I saved files in one of my special work programs (around the same size as...
  3. Mastiff

    Display still adaptive with the adaptiveness turned off

    I espescially see this when looking at dark webpages (not darkweb pages, dark in, you get it!). The screen will dim, and wen going back to something lighter it takes 10-15 seconds before it is back to where it should be. Anybody else have that problem? It's...
  4. Mastiff

    Touch keyboard popping up after several minutes, partly locking Surface

    Does anybody else have this? When I touch a text field of some type, the keyboard doesn't come up at once if it's been a while (hours) since I last used it. It takes several minutes, and during that time touch is partly not working. I can't click on web links, and I have to use the scroll bar to...
  5. Mastiff

    I can't get my Pro to scroll sideways with two fingers

    On my Pro 4 this happened out of the box, but not on my new Pro (5....). And I can't find the settings for that either, I have tried dedctivating pinch to zoom from an advice online, but that didn't help. Does anybody know what I should do to get this working?
  6. Mastiff

    I have to use startup repair on restarts!

    Yesterday my Surface went ape when I took of the docking contact. I only saw the mouse pointer in the middle. I could move it, but nothing else. I tried to connect it again, and it did connect, but then I saw nothing but the mouse pointer in the middle of the external screen. So I pressed the...
  7. Mastiff

    Is it possible to avoid S4P waking up when power is connected?

    I often connect the unit to power just to charge it. After the fixes a while back that meant that I don't have to go into hibernation to avoid killing the battery power every time I do, I went started using sleep mode instead. But my S4P i5 wakes up and fires the IR camera and starts looking for...
  8. Mastiff

    Is it possible to convert the SSD to MBR?

    While the unit still works as it should, of course... :D I have had a couple of annoyances after a restore from backup (camera and BitLocker refused to work), so I don't want to waste my time if this is a no go. The reason I want MBR is so I can do what I do on any other computer, run multi-boot...
  9. Mastiff

    Unable to get Bitlocker working

    I had to replace my Surface because of bad gluing of the screen to the rest, and I shure as heck wasn't going to set it all up again! Setting up a computer is something I only do once for each OS. So I simply took the latest TrueImage backup and restored that. Most of the stuff worked at once. I...
  10. Mastiff

    Can't get Hello working after exchange of unit

    I had a Pro 4 i5 4 gig RAM 128 gig SSD that was slightly loose in the middle bottom of the screen, so I had it replaced yesterday. Then I restored the image backup I had taken on the old unit (identical) and fired the thing up. After the expected round of repairs and entering a new PIN code...
  11. Mastiff

    Slightly loose screen at the bottom - is that common?

    I don't know if I have a problem with my Surface or not, but it's slightly loose at the bottom. The glass is around 1-1.5 mm further out than the edge and I can push it in and feel that it hits the bottom of the frame but then it comes out again. Is this something that should worry me? Maybe a...
  12. Mastiff

    Is it possible to turn off the type cover while attached?

    I have bought a MS Designer Bluetooth Desk since the type cover is so noisy when typing that my family wanted to ban me from using the Surface in the living room... Ideally I would like to use it on top of the type cover with the thing in my lap. But that would probably risk taping a key here...
  13. Mastiff

    Weirdness with disappearing monitors on setup changes

    Today seems to be the monitor day in the Mastiff house. I have another thread about resolution woes, but I thought this would warrant it's own thread: When I adjust something, like placement of the monitors to each other (I'm using two monitors plus the Surface's internal monitor in a three...
  14. Mastiff

    Why am I getting strange resolutions on the Surface Dock?

    I have a Nec Multisyc monitor with a 1920x1200 resolution, which when I bought it cost an arm and a leg. Luckily they grew out again, so I now have a great monitor, plust four limbs. ;) But with the new Surface I have a very strange problem: The monitor sees that it's getting a 2020x1204...
  15. Mastiff

    Shouldn't it be possible to activate caching on MicroSD?

    I have a MicroSD card for extra storage, it's a SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC 128GB 48MB/s Class 10. But when I try to activate caching, I get a message saying that Window's can't do that, and the unit may not support it. Shouldn't that work? There is no radio button for choosing between better...
  16. Mastiff

    Is it possible to boot from MicroSD Card?

    I bought my first Surface a week ago, an i5 with 128 gig SSD, since the price for the one step larger is quite a bit higher. I figured it would finally be possible to use this as the single unit I wanted, with working (I work as a translator with video files as the source material), reading...

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