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    New product announcement on the 30th?

    So I was at the Microsoft store on my lunch the other day (close to my office) and was checking to see if there were any cool new tablets to pickup for family since I have the store credit. Anyways a guy working there that I have dealt with a few times now said hold on to my credit until the...
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    A year of issues - a happy ending

    Welp, Been a while since I posted... Anyhow I had a ton of problems with my surface pro 2 was on replacement #3 (squeaky screen) - Anyhow number 3 started to do the same friggin thing... Long story short, I got a full refund in form of a store credit today... Felt good to finally get rid of...
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    How do I get the "old" forum look back?

    The white is blinding me sorry :( Is there a dark theme somewhere that i'm missing!? Thanks
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    Returning both Surface Pro 3's we got at work...

    As much as I LOVE the screen res, size and weight of the surface pro 3… It's just not going to cut it right now. My work ordered 2, 1 for me and a co-worker. Problems: 1. Both got the WiFi bug (had to rollback drivers to get online) 2. The SP3 seemed to lag in Photoshop for me when I...
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    Backlight on keyboard doesnt work :)

    Just ranting. Going to have to return my Sp3 keyboard being the backlight doesn't work... I tried another keyboard that's in the office and it works perfectly I smile because I didn't expect a smooth ride with the sp3 after my sp2 experience. Debating returning it all together at this point
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    SP3 Docking station is up for Pre-Order

    Welp here it is Docking Station
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    Work is buying me a SP3 - So....

    So... I'll be able to do some comparisons of SP3 next to my SP2 and my Macbook Air... I also have an iPad 4, iPad mini w/retina and Dell Venue Pro 8 I can compare to if anyone wants... I like the idea of the bigger screen, but I have some doubts that it will run as good with Solidworks...
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    I really can't wait to see some artist reviews of how well it performs. The main reason I purchased the SP2 was because of the Wacom Digitizer but in all honesty I have never been able to get it as accurate as I want. I would take tip accuracy over pressure sensitivity at this point...
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    I kind of regret my Surface Pro 2 purchase & putting faith into Microsoft

    So I'll start with where I came over from... I own a Windows 8 Desktop, Macmini, Macbook air, Wacom Tablet, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Xbox 360... My GOAL was to drop down to Surface Pro2, XboxOne, and a Nokia 1020... The main programs I use are Solidworks, Photoshop & Illustrator. I had...
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    is there anything like this for surface pro?

    I hate my type cover 2... and i really wish angle my screen in any position, including leaning forward... I cant find anything that looks like this.
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    Swipe to go back - slow re-loading webpage?

    Hello all, Has anyone else noticed swiping screen to go "back" seems very slow to reload previous webpage (it's dim and then brightens when it reloads" If I use they Type pad and hit backsapace its INSTANT. I dont use the type pad that much though, is there a way to speed this up or am...
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    Do I keep my new SP2 or return it... Problems --- Could be drivers

    Damn I can't believe i'm thinking of returning this device. I have been waiting forever for the SP2 and now that I finally have it I must admit I'm not 100% happy so far... Quick background on what I have now and wanted to replace... I have a beastly Windows 8 Desktop for gaming, I have a...
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    Arc touch mouse Surface edition blows

    So it blows on my couch that's for sure, I have a dark brown couch that every mouse I ever owned tracks on and then I buy this mouse and it doesn't track good on here at all... Sad It works great on a desk, but this bluetrack tech is a joke when 5 year old mice can out-perform it...
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    Can the lower power surface charger work on a pro?

    I just need a cheap charger to keep at work, I don't care about the USB port here at work but I need something I can keep plugged into my SP2 so it doesn't die.. Would it work okay? Sorry if this has been asked I couldn't find the answer
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    Toe nail fungus

    I love this site but seriously the ad that pops up on the bottom has to be the most F'n disgusting thing i've ever been forced to see on a (tech) site. Any way to block that?
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    Square Trade warranty - Anyone use it before?

    Hello all, Thinking of somethin like this when I get the Sp2 - Has anyone used it before? SquareTrade 3-Year Computer Protection Plan ($1250-1500): Computers & Accessories Worth it?
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    200GB Free Skydrive for 2 years only good if you buy from Microsoft direct?

    So everything i've seen from Microsoft says you get 2 years free bla bla, but I need to buy from Bestbuy to use my no interest card. I asked about 10 people from M$ and Bestbuy and nobody knew an answer... I called a Microsoft call center and they told me Skydrive and Skype for free 2 years only...
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    Has anyone pre-ordered from Bestbuy?

    Hello there, I went online to pre-order a 256gb SP2 from Bestbuy so I could use my BB card (no interest 18mo) BUT it will only let me ship to my house and I want it shipped to store. (I don't trust my neighborhood) Anyways I drove to Bestbuy and the main sales guy AND a manager couldn't...
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    Does anyone here use Solid Works on their Surface Pro?

    Hello all, As the title states, I'm wondering if anyone is using Solidworks on their Surface pro? I am looking for a device that can replace my 13" Macbook air, Wacom tablet and iPad... The Sp2 might just be that device. I'm concerned going down to a small screen might not be very...

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